Raguel's name means "Friend of God" and he is a Relationships' Archangel. He brings harmony in your present relationships, heals the present and past relationships and helps you to interact with people in the most pleasant way. The color of his aura is light blue, the color of the clear sky.

Raguel works a lot on heart chakra, the place where we find love and forgiveness. And he urges you to work first with your inner child. The relationship you have with your inner child is extremely important. Your inner child perceives all emotions from your heart very powerfully, without having the adult's rationality filter or shield. When you are not in harmony with your inner child, you are not functioning as a whole, you do not experience a healthy spiritual and mental development, you are like two entities in one body, instead of being One. When you work with your inner child, you actually work with yourself, you search the relationship you have with yourself. And Raguel can help you a lot on this direction: to bring harmony within yourself, to forgive yourself for any mistakes you think you made or for being too demanding on yourself. Archangel Raguel urges you to feel yourself loved and to open the door for love to enter into your life.

Also, Archangel Raguel helps you to bring harmony in the relationships you have with your parents, especially with your mother. He helps you to heal all relationships you had with your mother during your past lives, harmonizing your karma. You can heal your relationship with your parents, even if they are deceased. All you need to do is to set this intention and to ask Archangel Raguel to help you with this issue; to cut all negative energetic attachments you may have developed with your parents. The relationship you have with your parents gives the tone for all the following relationships you have during your life. And Raguel helps you to focus on the inner divine presence from each person instead of looking at ego surface. If you suffered traumas caused by your parents, you should leave the past behind, cut yourself from this past through a healing process and ask Raguel to help you on this. Also, when you are angry with someone, you become a sort of vessel holding all that toxic anger within your heart and body, damaging yourself more than other people can do.

You could follow the relationships' healing process with your relatives, friends, and partners. Ask Raguel to help you to heal any relationship that comes to your mind, to release any negative feelings and to help you move forward.

If in present you experience tension in a specific relationship, ask the guardian angels of that person to help you on this issue. Ask them to bring peace, forgiveness and love in the relationship. You can also ask Archangel Raguel to undertake all your present relationships and to heal them; to harmonize them, cleanse and purify them in his specific way.

Raguel helped me a lot in my daily relationships. When I feel tension toward someone, I ask Raguel to send me his lovely healing light, like the clear sky, to fill and surround my body, to be around me like a sea. And each person trying to reach to me by thought, word, act or feelings, to swim in this sea of harmony and peace and to get to me peaceful and cleansed of any toxic energy. In the same time, I ask Raguel to make it such as any thought or word I intent to emit to swim first into this peaceful sea, to be cleansed there and then to reach the other person in a harmonious way.

If you have no time to do this meditation, just ask Archangel Raguel to help you harmonize a specific relationship and you will see divine changes.