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Haniel means “Grace of God” and has a feminine energy. She is also called Aniel, Anauel or Anael. Hanielle is manifesting one of God’s essences, being the Seventh Sephirah in the Tree of Life, called “Victory”, Nezach, and leading the “Principalities” or “Rulers” Angelic Choir. Hanielle is associated with the Moon, with monthly cycles, with the development of the gifts received from God: clairaudience, claircognizance, clarsentience and clairvoyance. Her aura is bluish – white like the Moon Light.

You have both feminine and masculine energies regardless your gender and you need to keep them balanced. The Feminine energies refer to receptivity, to receive, while the masculine energies relate to offering, giving. Each individual needs to equally give and receive. When there is a lack of balance, we see people who offer most of the time but don’t know how to receive or vice versa. And Haniel helps with restoring the balance and especially in increasing the feminine energies, meaning to receive help, ideas, receptivity to what you receive, for example answers to your prayers, intuitive messages. So, these feminine energies are extremely important in developing your psychic abilities, because through them you receive guidance from the other realms.

The Light of Hanielle and of the Moon invokes within you the feminine energies, helps you to become stronger, more confident and aware of your limits and abilities. The “Moon Baths” offer you energies that you need for balance and life force and are just as healthy as the “Sun Baths”. When you are outdoor, under the Moon Light, ask Hanielle to cover you with her bluish-white light and to restore the energetic balance within your body.

Hanielle is teaching you how to receive. She says that first you need to accept the help you ask for. For example of you wish to see auras, angels, to develop your psychic abilities, to be more intuitive, it is extremely important to set the intention you want them before they start to manifest. In this way you are more open towards intuitive manifestations and this receptivity is actually the foundation of developing the metaphysic gifts. Yes, it is important to also give, to put effort in what you do, but you need also to accept help, to receive, to be receptive to potential help. Learn to develop your feminine energy, meaning “to say thank you, I receive, I accept to receive”. Tell Hanielle that you want to learn to receive and that you accept the help and receptivity you need to manifest openness.


Also, Hanielle is helping you to recognize the divine guidance you receive as answer to your prayers. The guidance may come through intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudition, claircognizance or clairsentience. She helps you to be aware of the messages you receive through these clairs as being the answers from the divine beings and to make the difference between them and your imagination. Ask Hanielle to help you know exactly when you receive messages from Divinity.

As the clairs are strongly connected to some specific chakras, you can ask Hanielle to unblock these chakras corresponding to the each Clair: crown chakra for claircognizance, third eye chakra for clairvoyance, heart chakra for clairsentience and ears chakras for clairaudience. Ask Hanielle to interfere in any aspect of your life where you need high receptivity and balance.

Each time when you feel you have clears but you can’t manifest them properly, when you have the sense of giving more than receiving, when you feel fear in manifesting your clairs or when you feel in any way a lack of balance between your feminine and masculine energies, call for Hanielle’s help. And remember, she is highly active during Full Moon Nights, meaning the last days of each month.

Also, don’t forget that when you receive, you actually offer to someone else the pleasure to give. May Hanielle be with you and bring you, in a subtle way, the balance you need in your life!

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