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Azrael or “God Helps” is a very special archangel, with a mysterious glow, quieter than others, but highly attentive and careful. He is the archangel who helps your soul to detach from the body when we move to the other plane. He takes care of your soul to arrive at the right place, without being affected by lower entities during this travel. Azrael is counseling the soul after leaving the body. He also gives comfort to the remaining ones.

During my work with Azrael I was able to visualize him as a white icy cold light. As human, he appeared to me as a tall, thin, sober man, covered by a dark light mantle. His communication style is sober and firm. But as I mentioned before, despite his severe figure and communication style, Azrael is extremely careful and protective.

I work a lot with Azrael in mediumship activities, in contacting the loved deceased ones. For me he represents the most secure way to communicate to them. I always receive answers from them through him and he always announces me when I have a message coming from them. Very often, when we try to contact the deceased ones directly, for consolation or to help them, we get no answer or there is somebody else coming to the session. There may be many reasons for not getting answers. Azrael explained to me why, showing me the reasons for which these things could happen. Once, he showed me a deceased person located on a realm from where she was not able to hear anything and he explained me how this entity should be helped, through what actions or prayers. When you miss your loved deceased ones, ask Azrael to bring you news about them and he will find a way to get to you.

While you are still on the earthly life, Azrael can help you to heal any grieves caused by any kind of losses: losing the dear ones or even ending a relationship. He is able to identify negative patterns coming from your past and he can break the natural attraction you may have in manifesting those patterns for losses. Ask Azrael to help you in this respect. Also, if you experience confusing relationships, you can ask Azrael to show you the truth behind those relations and to show you the next steps you may make on this direction.

If you are a medium, so you are sensitive to the other realms or you comfort people who are passing through a grief caused by the decease of someone loved, ask Azrael to offer you support. He will shield you in order to pass through these sessions of helping others, with only your own energy, and the other one’s energy to roll off the side of you like water along the dike, without passing through. In this way you will be protected by low energies while helping others through their grief.

I would like to mention a special kind of situation experienced with Azrael, while working for my clients. And here I refer to dark spirits. In these cases, Azrael interferes very firm as a protector, especially against the lower entities staying at the border between worlds and against earth bound spirits coming from deceased people with a low vibration. In all my messages received in this kind of situations, for protection purposes, I met a special team: Azrael and Michael. They work as a team, also in offering protection to you while you are in medium sessions or clear places.

Azrael, we thank you for comforting, protecting and helping us understand the life is a continuous circle of ending and beginnings.

angelicsign academy
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