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The Ascended Masters are souls who had multiple incarnations on Earth and succeeded in mastering this physical reality, reaching their Ascension. In their many embodiments, they had different personalities known to humanity. They are beyond religions because they had enough opportunities to experience them all. The reason why a soul comes to a body is to discover the divine essence within and to manifest it in his life. When you understand that Divinity is within you, you also begin to discover that you can create your own reality and you can correct what you don’t like. Your perspectives about life change and then your experiences on Earth are different.

These masters were able to master all challenges offered by physical reality and to pass the veil of oblivion. That was the moment when it was no longer necessary for them to return compulsory. After the ascension, they are able to help people achieve similar mastery. They can be our spiritual guides to lead us on the path of ascension, because they have the necessary experience. Most often, they communicate with us telepathically, inspire us and help us reach the right teachings, at the right times.

I am working with them for more than 8 years and I am honored by their presence in my life. They are involved in all my projects. I would like to mention here only few of them: Moses, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Saint-Germain, Lord Kuthumi, Djwal Kuhl, Hilarion. There are many ascended masters. At the Ascension course I organize, I provide people with both information about them and ways of working with them.

I began my spiritual journey with Mother Mary. Through the messages I received from her, I was encouraged to continue my research and to discover myself as a divine essence. I could say that every time you pray, the prayers are heard.

Kuan Yin had the most spectacular entry into my life. I connected with her intuitively during a time when I didn’t even know about her existence. Because I didn’t understand her name, she spelled her name. She wanted to show me that everything is real, even if it’s subtle. She helped me to expand my activity internationally.

I’ve been working with Master Saint Germain for a long time. One personality he had is well known to us: King Solomon. Before I learned of Saint Germain’s existence, I connected with Solomon. His messages are clear and focused. Whatever I was studying, I felt Solomon close. When studying something and feeling lost because of several versions of the same idea, not knowing which one to follow, I asked for guidance and I received it. My guide Solomon helps me to follow my Path and I am grateful. With him by my side, I trust that I don’t deviate from what I have to do. When I learnt of the existence of the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain became very present in my life. With his help I reached Mt Shasta, California, a place where his energy is very strong.

I felt Moses in my life suddenly and clearly. I was always attracted to Moses, but it was only later that I understood why. His name came to my mind, insistently. I wrote him messages and he replied immediately. I cannot feel his energy directly, because it’s too strong. But one day I was studying occult teachings and I got stuck. Basically, I was getting some sacred words, but I didn’t know in what order to use them and they didn’t seem to activate. I stopped because it was late and I thought I could really use some help. That night I dreamed of Moses. It was a very powerful dream, keeping me awake for the rest of the night. His face appeared, quite harsh, with long white hair and a white beard. The wind blew from behind and from the side. He began to pronounce the words in a specific order. It was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn’t hear his words, but they came out as letters of fire from his mouth. It was an impressive dream. He inspired me to visit Sinai Mountain and to feel His Presence more strongly. Solomon and Moses led me through the study of Kabbalah and Jewish religion.

Lord Kuthumi is the main coordinator of my spiritual path. Joining him is Master Djwal Kuhl (The Tibetan) which helps me to use abstract spiritual concepts in everyday life in order to change my reality.

There are many ascended masters I work with and each of them helps me with something specifically. I am grateful and honored to spread their teachings through my Ascension Class and through the book “Human, a Perfect Design”, which will be released very soon, in English.

As with the Archangels, the Ascended Masters are always there for you when you call them, but they have a different way of work. They use the example method.

What better teacher can you have than the one who transmitted the teachings you currently read in books?

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