COURSE Join The Dragons

Eons ago, the dragons were involved in creating the proper environment for evolution on planet Earth. Later on, they assisted the planet during every Golden Age. Therefore, every time a new Golden Age approaches, the dragons awaken. As we witness the beginning of a new Golden Age, we may have a sense of their presence in our lives.

Every human being has a companion dragon, which offers him support and protection. Among our guides, the companion dragon is providing the best support during the manifestation process.

Since 2017, the dragons have accessed our national collective energy. These loving divine creations are helping us to transmute all lower energies. They are completing the work of the angels, clearing the path for the unicorns.


This course covers the following topics:
  • Learn about the dragons and about how they helped the planet during past times.

  • Meet your companion dragon

  • Learn about the elemental (fourth dimensional) dragons of earth, fire, water and air and how to connect with them.

  • Learn to connect with the 5D dragons: pink, violet, golden christed and black

  • Learn how to master the dragons


If you feel love for dragons and want to achieve the mastery over manifestation process, join the dragons!

If you are interested in attending this course in your area or need any other details, please send me an email us at

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