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Uriel or “The Light of God” is a well known Archangel in most religions, along with Michael, Gabrielle and Raphael. Also, if we say that there are two Intellectual Archangels, then we would name Uriel and Zadkiel in this category. Uriel helps you with improving the function of your intellect. When you need to solve something and you need a solution, it may happen to receive one, out of no where. That brilliant idea is a solution to your problems. Well, then you should remember Uriel, because this is his way of working – giving you great ideas for solving your problems.

His aura light is yellow – gold, similar with a lantern which shows you with its light the path in the dark. In the same way, Uriel shows you the solutions when you are confused. So, when you need creative solutions, call Uriel. As I told you, you will receive great ideas in a sudden way.

There are moments when your mind is not functioning as a whole, meaning that part of your thoughts are in one direction while others are in other directions. It is like fragments of your mind go in different directions, instead of focusing all on one thing, as one unit. Ask Uriel to bring all fragments of your mind in one place, in order to allow your mind to function at its optimum level.

The Archangel Uriel also works with your crown chakra, helping you to open this wonderful energetic center and, in the same time, quieting your mind in order to perceive divine messages. Uriel will help you to remain focused and concentrated on what you do.

We work with the Archangel Uriel in maintaining a healthy diet, in order to allow your brain to function at its highest parameters. And here Uriel will help you in removing from your diet all those stimulants which force your mind, such as: caffeine, alcohol or chocolate. Archangel Uriel helps you in reducing all excesses and diminishing your appetite addictions. You just need to ask for his help. Soon you will feel no need to eat these kinds of stimulants but you will be tempted in a natural way to shift on healthy natural food.

Ask Archangel Uriel to help you receive intuitive messages, brilliant ideas, any time when you need them. It is advisable to follow those ideas or intuitions you may receive, especially if they come as a response to your problems. This manifestation of Uriel work may come directly to you or through other people, who may be more receptive at that time (and here I refer to friends, colleagues to whom you may ask for an advice).

You can ask Uriel to be with you all the time and he will be there for you, permanently.

angelicsign academy
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