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The name of Archangel Michael may be translated as “He who is like God”. Archangel Michael is considered to be the most powerful of all the archangels. He is the Sixth Sephirah called “TIFERETH” which is manifesting the “Divine Beauty”. Archangel Michael manifestation is powerful at physical level: when he is around, you feel an intense wave of heat, coming from inside of you. If you are a clairvoyant, you may visualize his aura in vivid blue bordering on royal purple and gold colors.

Archangel Michael can help you on many directions. He is the Archangel standing by your side while you are working with God for the interest of humankind.

He helps you in energetic clearings . Michael is extracting from your body negative energies you create by you pessimistic thoughts, envy, and jealousy or underestimation feelings. Also, you may attract negative energy from other people during healing processes. Ask Michael to extract all negative energy from your body. You can tell him:” Archangel Michael, please take out all lower energies from within!

Many times, Michael is often portrayed as carrying a flaming sword of light, with which he cuts all fears we may have and all strings or cords through which we lose our vital energy. Archangel Michael help you to maintain your own power, offered by God. When you accept compromises from fear to lose someone, to offense or to lose your job, you develop some energetic cords or strings through which you transfer your own power to the other one. When you are afraid of somebody, or experience fear in a specific situation or when you listen to everyone’s problems even if you don’t want to do that, you make compromises. In that moment, an energetic cord starting from your stomach area goes to the other person and your power moves toward the other one.

You transfer your power: you give up and the other one receives. Your divine power is situated on the solar plexus chakra. Archangel Michael advises you to keep your own power, because you received it from God. Ask Michael to cut with his sword any energetic strings you may have with other people, stopping in this way any negative energetic transfer or power transfer. The strings of love cannot be cut. You do not help anyone by offering your own power. I met people saying that they want to give some of their power to their children or parents in need. Well, allowing these strings to develop and accepting to transfer your power is like feeding someone by a tube, instead of helping him to eat alone. You need to be healthy and to have your vital energy at optimum levels in order to help others. And when you help someone, be sure that you do this with full dedication, otherwise, learn how to say “no” in a pleasant way, draw some boundaries, balance the “givings” and “receivings” in your life and shield yourself energetically.


Archangel Michael helps you a lot in clearing attachments coming from the earth-bond spirits with low vibrations. They can be souls of deceased people who did not manage to rise to the light and remained attached to Earth. These kinds of entities do not respect your Free Will and they try to transfer to you different addictions they had during their life. When you feel the presence of different entities in your house, call Michael and ask him to clear you and your place of any such entities. He will send the deceased souls to the light and remove lower energies.

Archangel Michael helps you to remember who you are, what is your purpose in life, what you intend to do in this life. He has access to the “Akashic Records” or “Akashic Memory” which keep the records of any action ever done in the Universe, including your soul memory. You can ask Archangel Michael to guide you in taking the best decision regarding your life path and your future. Also, at earthly level, when you need to take important decisions, just ask Archangel Michael to be with you and to help you to understand what is the best next step you need to make.

Every 12 hours, ask Archangel Michael to shield you in a blue-purple light which allows only love to get to you.

Archangel Michael is extremely responsive to your needs. Each time when you call him, he does come, no matter if it is for protection, clearing, guidance or just support. If you face electrical issues at home, office or even at your car, ask the specialist to interfere and to fix them, because Archangel Michael is a master in fixing electrical problems. He helped me so many times with my car and sometimes I thought that only Archangel Michael knew how I got home safe.

In any work I do on spiritual purposes, I feel Michael near me. And remember, if you feel a presence near you and you are afraid, ask Michael: “Archangel Michael, who is like God, help me now, protect me and stay by my side.” Trust Archangel Michael, because he is near you always, when you call Him.

And don’t forget to tell him “Thank you”. He is happy to see you happy and peaceful.

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