COURSE Lemurian Call

Awaken to your Lemurian legacy
in a two-day experiential course
spiritual explorer / ascension / galactic civilizations

The Lemuria civilization had been developed long before Atlantis, in an area now covered by the Pacific Ocean. With the sinking of the continent, some of the Lemurians retreated inside the planet, in the city of Telos, currently located under the mystic Mt.Shasta, California. The Lemurians lived anchored in unconditional love and loved the planet Earth very much.

The Lemurians crystals were programmed to hold the highest vibration we can use now, in these moments of cosmic change and opportunity. These crystals remind us how we can express our individuality by serving the Higher Good. They also help us find the Whole within while experiencing Oneness with All That Is.

Today, more and more people with Lemurian past lives hear the Call of Lemuria! 

Topics covered during the course:

  • Lemuria civilization

  • How to connect to higher planes

  • Attunment to the Lemurian healing energy

  • Connecting with Mother Mary, who’s protecting the Lemuria civilization

  • Connecting with the unicorns

  • Connecting to the Cosmic Heart

  • Journey back to Lemuria

  • Lemurian planetary healing

  • Atuning to the ascended planets, stars and constellations

  • Your experiences during lost civilizations

  • Lemurian crystals – work procedures


Who can participate:

If you love nature, this course will be a great opportunity to learn how to serve it. If you feel drawn to Lemuria, you’ll have the opportunity to remember your past Lemurian experiences. If you want to serve the planet, this course will give you the opportunity  to use a powerful healing energy together with the Lemurian masters.

Where: Bucharest (Romania) or abroad

Duration:  2 days

Cost : 200 EURO


If you are interested in attending this class in your area, please email us at


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