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Jophielle or “The Beauty of God” is also known as: Iophiel, Zophiel, Yophiel. She has a feminine energy of beauty and love and I will call her Jophielle, instead of Jophiel – she is the overflowing femininity. Her aura is dark fuchsia pink (like those beautiful dark pink roses). She brings the beauty in your thoughts, feelings, actions, on your personal figure and on the environment surrounding you. If you are clairsentient, you may perceive her through a powerful roses scent. If you are also clairvoyant, you just close your physical eyes and you will feel a dark pink light surrounding you while you smell thousands of pink roses.

Jophielle can bring your beautiful feelings and thoughts at a high level of trust, optimism, and positivity. She is enlightening you mind, helping you to have a clear mental connection with the Divine. Also, she helps your mind to express beautiful loving optimistic thoughts.

Jophielle helps you through love attraction; in this way you may be in harmony with the people around you. She brings into your life people with the same vibration level as yours. She also helps you to increase the vibration of loving people around you. With her healing and loving light Jophielle works at your heart chakra level, helping you to beautify your feelings, to get rid of your shell surrounding you, to remove feelings such as jealousy, envy or wickedness. Ask Jophielle to remove the negativity of your thoughts and feelings and to help you opening your heart chakra through that beautiful dark ping light. Pink is the color of universal love.

She also helps in beautifying the surroundings where you live on a daily basis- as your work office or your home. If you ask Jophielle for help on this direction, you may feel the need to renovate your space. And she will help you with all the support needed in terms of specialists, ideas, financial or time issues.

If you are an art worker, Jophielle will help you to express the beauty through your art, no matter if we talk about music, painting or theatre.

The outside beauty is the reflection of the inside beauty but Jophielle is ready to offer you support also in improving your physical aspect.

While we may see her as a fragile, delicate archangel, she is actually very powerful. I was taught to call Jophielle during my psychic readings together with Michael in order to offer support for the lovely, optimistic messages, to maintain the peace, relaxation and positivity and to block any negative intrusions during these psychic sessions.

Jophielle is a very dear friend to me and I always call her when I want to increase the beauty in my life, and here I may refer to improvements in physical aspect, to house renovation, to feelings and thoughts – especially the thoughts, because it may seem hard to maintain only beautiful thoughts. It is very easy to harm someone through your thoughts, words and feelings, and I keep Jophielle with me all the time to oversee that.

Her manifestations are funny, happy, and joyful. One night I was awaken by a powerful scent of roses. I remember myself sitting in the dark, awake and smelling that amazing scent. I said Thank you to Jophielle for that unexpected amusing and pleasant gesture. The next morning I received a pink rose and I felt my heart overflowed by a powerful feeling of love for everything around me. It was Jophielle telling me “good morning” in her beautiful style.

In her messages you always find words as: “beauty”, “love”, and “optimism”. If you remember to ask for her help, you will be highly impressed. She is a wonderful friend.

angelicsign academy
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