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Jeremiel or “Mercy of God” is one of the Archangels I perceived as being very subtle but with enormous impact over the emotional healing. If we say “forgiveness”, we say Jeremiel.

After we leave this world, Jeremiel is one of the guides helping us in revising the earthly life we just ended. He also helps us during our life to revise what we have done until the present, to correct the mistakes we made, to find the causes of some present traumas bringing us back to our past lives, to forgive and to face the necessary changes within our life through forgiveness.

He helps you to have compassion toward ourselves and others. He takes us into the past and highlights some unpleasant situations, trying to bring into light the good lessons we were supposed to learn from those situations. The most powerful emotional healing comes through forgiveness. It does not mean that who was wrong did a good thing, but just to refuse to maintain within you those toxins specific for unforgiveness, poisoning your heart. And if you can’t forgive someone’s acts, then you can try to forgive the person. Because, from this perspective, when you forgive someone, you bring good to yourself first and then to the other one, by releasing an overload that you keep inside of you, which harms you. You offer yourself this gift of discovering inner peace by mercy and compassion. You can call Jeremiel to help you during this process and to bring into the light those situations when need healing through forgiveness.

It is good to start forgiving yourself because we sometimes blame ourselves for things we think we did wrong. You know, nobody is perfect and we experience a continuous learning process during our entire life. You need to live in harmony with your inner child. Then, you can continue with thinking about your parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends and partners. This forgiveness process takes a long time but it is important to want to start it, to ask for help on this direction. Ask Jeremiel to help you with healing the past situations and to remove that repetitive pattern of maintaining unforgiveness on your daily life challenges.

Forgiveness is not a visible process. It is about our inner self and this is why Jeremiel’s work may be considered more subtle than that of other archangels. There are people to say that they forgave others who came into their mind while working with Jeremiel. But they can discover later that only the adult gave forgiveness, not the inner child too.

I may say that Jeremiel is working with a very sensitive side of ours, with our soul and our heart. He really is a great confident, of a refined subtlety. You can work with him on the most intimate topics; they will remain between you and him.

He is able to reach to that deep place where the ego is not able to manifest.

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