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There are four primary channels, psychic abilities or “Clairs”: clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudition and clairsentience through which we receive spiritual guidance. We can also call them “psychic abilities”. Of course there are other channels also, but I would call them secondary channels and here we could name: clear tasting or clear smelling. If you feel a special interest on this topic, I invite you to make a deep research – because there are hundreds of materials approaching the clairs – and to select what best fits you.

These Clairs represent a faculty latent in all and will eventually be possessed by every human being in the course of his or her spiritual unfoldment. Some people already use these abilities but they are not aware of the fact that they actually have a “sixth sense”. Other people realize that there is something special happening but they keep it for themselves because they are afraid of the people judgments. And, finally, there are people who don’t feel anything. But it doesn’t mean that they don’t have these natural gifts. In order to conclude, people may sense these gifts since childhood, later in life- at the right moment, or they just may not sense them at all during their life.

Before going further, I want you to know that these abilities come as a divine heritage we carry within us, from the first day we were created. And when you know the Source of these gifts, you also know to Whom to ask for help and support for using them. Through these channels we may communicate with the other realms and with God. You may get in contact with the angelic realm, with ascended masters, ancient prophets, with deceased loved ones or with nature spirits.

Using these abilities you cross through unseen doors into other kingdoms where you can find anything – pleasant or unpleasant. That’s why is better to be close to your Divine Source. We meet God in all religions, with different names, but there is only One God, no matter how we call Him. You also have guardian angels waiting for you to ask for love, faith and support on your life path. You just need to set your intention regarding these clairs, as: “I want to use them”, ” I need to understand these abilities and why I have them”, ” I want to be protected while I am using these gifts”, ” I want to develop these abilities”, ” I want to use these clairs to help people”. And you will receive support according to your intention. It would be nice to say “Thank you” for having these gifts and to use them only for good means.

If you consider yourself an atheist and you recognize some of the signs of a Clair manifestation within yourself, then you have a challenge. You can decide to block these gifts, just saying “I don’t want them, I am not interested in this”, but be aware of the fact that you have these gifts activated for a purpose. Before deciding not to use them, you may try to find the reason behind their activation. You may set the intention to find this reason. You can do this by yourself or just asking a professional to help you in this respect. You might find out what is the spiritual purpose of your life, what is the history of your soul and in this way you can give a chance to your Divine Self to manifest on the direction needed by your soul. The Ego is linked to the matter which is within and around us, during our earthly life. The Higher Self, our Divine seed refers to soul, spirit, wisdom and love.


I would also like to mention something before approaching each Clair. Some situations may occur: you want to develop some of these gifts, but you do not trust in your intuition or in the information you receive; you feel fear or you want things to happen too much and too fast – well, in any of these cases be aware of the fact that you can block by yourself the manifestation of these gifts. Just leave things to flow naturally and relaxed. You may get wrong messages – no problem, we are in a continuous learning process during our entire life. Give time to your mind and body to prepare themselves for the manifestation of these clairs. All your components: mind, soul and body need to act as One Unit; they need balance and harmony. When you make this in your natural rhythm, everything seems to be very simple. You just need to be aware of the need of each component and to develop all of them until they reach the same level.

I will approach each aspect you need to be aware of. On this website I will draw for you, at a basic level, all directions you can follow in order to reach the body – mind – soul harmony. It is useful to have an idea about all these aspects and you do not need to read or practice a lot in order to manifest “clairs” – you already have these abilities in a natural way. Just help them to reach to the surface.

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