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I want to write about the guardian angels separately because it is important for you to know who your immediate subtle friends are and what they can do for you.

When we start an earthly life, no matter what religion we are affiliated to, God is offering us with Great generosity guardian angels. Everybody has guardian angels, with no exception. God, in His kindness created them for us.

You may have more than one guardian angel and they will stay near you, unconditionally, until you leave the Earth. They are your invisible friends ready to help you more than any human being. Actually they are your closest friends, that’s why they do exist and this is the reason for which they are highly receptive to your needs. Of course God is hearing our prayers together with all other powerful heavenly forces, but these angels were created for us with the purpose to give us immediate support following God’s Will. They will never offer you support in harming other people.

You may have negative thoughts, as: you have many sins, you made mistakes, you didn’t go to Church, you were selfish and you might think that because of these reasons God would not want to offer you support, therefore, you are not worthy to ask for help. Well, this is wrong. Your guardian angels will do their best to take care of your prayers, because they want to make themselves heard by you and to lead you to the right path. And they think is never too late for you to start working with them. They do not judge you, no matter what, and they never consider some of your requests as being childish. They want you to be happy in this life and to achieve your purpose. The most important thing you have to do is to ask for their help, using your own words; special prayers are not needed. Imagine you talk to your closest friend.

Before reincarnation, you sketch a Plan to follow, together with your divine guides. Your angels are aware of this Plan. You establish in that Plan the main lines of what you intend to do in the following earthly life, what issues from your past lives to solve, what lessons to learn, what key people to meet, what parents to have. But when you enter into a body you come closer to the matter and through a divine Law, you forget about your true existence as a Soul. But your angels don’t forget anything and they are guiding you in order to stay on the course you planned. They advise you what to do, but actually you are the one who decides if to follow their guidance or not. You may feel their guidance through intuition. Many times you may get yourself stuck in difficult situations and then, your angels, at your request, come and clean your path. You may say only:”Angels, can you help me?”

I experienced extraordinary moments when I met people coming to talk about their problems or about the fact that there is a need of change in their life without knowing exactly what they should do. And in those moments I was feeling their guardian angels as a pressure on my shoulders, talking to me, all of them in the same time asking:” please help us reach to her, help her talk to us, we want to help but she doesn’t allow us, she doesn’t ask for our help; please tell her this and that..” They are enormously impressive by their openness to help, to guide and by their totally unconditional love. Their main priority is to make you happy. They need you to know about them, about their existence, about the fact that they are waiting for you to ask for their help. They are not allowed to interfere in your life without your permission, because they respect your Free Will. They interfere directly without your permission only if your life is in danger to end before its time. And then, you live a miracle or you hear: “he had days from God”.

I post on this website few basic rules on how to communicate with your angels. When you want to meet your angels, you may have this pleasant surprise to also meet other angelic hosts, which may offer you support in everything you may have to do.

And if you don’t know to whom to ask for help, remember about your guardian angels. But never forget to say “Thank You” to God, because He is their Creator. Your angels receive from God their Holiness, Light and Energy and by His Will they work with you.

No matter where you are or what you do, call your unseen faithful friends, ask for their help and be thankful for having them around. You never bother them with your demands. They will be just happy to help you in everything, even when you go shopping they may lead you to what you need. They have the perfect solutions for all your needs and explanations for everything happening to you. There are no limits for their help.

I talk to my angels every day. I call their name, I tell them what I intend to do in that day and I ask for their support to make my intentions to become reality. When I have a conflict with someone, I call my angels and that individual’s angels and I ask all of them to help both of us to be in harmony and Light. When I leave on a trip, I ask my angels to go first, to clean my road and all possible issues which may interfere in my plans. When I can’t decide on some things, I ask them to show me somehow what is the best option for me and then, some events lead me to the perfect option. I highlight the need to ask for your angels’ help, because it happens many times to have different worries and to just forget about your angels. It happens to me and as soon as I remember them and I ask for help, I see the miracle happening very fast.

The highest satisfaction I have is when I see a reconciliation situation like this: somebody comes with worries, doubts about the future and I see the guardian angels of that person very sad. And then I intermediate a conversation between that person and his angels. Usually, when the dialog ends, that person is optimistic, full of energy, hopeful and I see the angels of that person so happy because they managed to communicate and so full of confidence that this will continue in the future and that person will remember them and will ask for their help…Most of the people want to know their angels better, to know their name and usually they come back to me and share the pleasant experiences they had by working with their angels. You can feel when your angels are happy. You sense it as a powerful joy in your heart coming from nowhere or as a divine peace in your heart.

It may sound funny but some people asked me one question: „do the angels see everything we do?, meaning…everything? even intimate actions?” Of course, each person needs its private, personal space, or at least wants to believe he has this space and sometimes people do not want to develop a relation with their angels because of this fear. They are afraid to lose their intimacy. Well, your angels perceive you as energy and light, not as a shaped physical body. Your thoughts, your words, your feelings are creating specific energies; this is what they perceive: energies. Don’t allow fear to put a distance between you and your unseen friends.

Enjoy these wonderful, miraculous, divine friends you have! The only thing they expect from you is to ask for their help, meaning to allow them to bring the miracle into your life.

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