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Gabriel means “messenger of God”, has a feminine energy and because of this I prefer to call her Gabrielle. Her aura has the color of copper. Gabrielle represents the ninth Sephirah within the Tree of Life, manifesting Yesod – the Foundation, representing also the Angels’ Choir. Usually she is portrayed as feminine, with a flowing gown and long hair and using a trumpet to bring the good news. Archangel Gabrielle brought the wonderful news about the forthcoming birth of Mother Mary, of Saint John the Baptist or about Jesus Christ. Gabrielle is a wonderful archangel helping in conceiving, giving birth or nurturing children.

You may ask Gabrielle to help you have children or in the adoption process; to help you be a healthy ground for an evolved soul to come through you by birth or adoption process; to make the conception or the adoption process to be fast, pleasant and harmonious. You can ask Gabrielle to guide you in parenting issues, to help you in receiving and giving love to your children, to be patient, warm, gentle, but in the same time to remain within some responsibility boundaries.

Gabrielle is helping you, the adult, to nurture your inner child. She is sending to your inner child a wonderful maternal love. Ask Gabriel to detoxify your heart, to cleanse old resentments and unforgiveness, to clear things from your past hidden in your heart without reflecting love.

When you are the care-taker of elders in need, like parents, ask Gabrielle to help you with this process, to give you patience, to help you ask for external help if needed, to accept help, to balance giving and receiving, to learn to say “no” in a pleasant way when you can’t do things over your limits. Ask Gabrielle to help you forgive your parents for mistakes you think they made and to forgive yourself for things you think you did wrong towards them.

Gabrielle, “the messenger of God”, helps you to be a messenger on your turn. If you love to express yourself through art for sending messages, if you like writing, talking to people, then you need Gabriel by your side. She will help you to make time for these activities, she will open the doors for you to get to people; actually she will be like a manager for you. She will create opportunities for your “messenger” work. She will improve your creativity; she will help you to overcome your fears of expressing your own truth in public. Gabrielle is a nudging friend, pushing you from behind to finish what you start, helping you to don’t lose time or delay things and will also interfere in removing the fear of failure.

Gabrielle is a real teacher for me and one of my chief guardians and I work with her in many aspects of my life. Communication is highly linked to my education, work and spiritual purpose. When I have a message to send, I call Gabrielle. Also, at my work, when too many tasks are waiting for me, there is Gabrielle coming and helping me to solve them one by one, in a very efficient and pleasant way, as a great manager that she is.

I will give only one example of how Gabrielle works, because this one meant a lot to me. I was studying and practicing for my own spiritual development, only me, God, guardian angels, the archangels and elevated masters; there were no clients back then. And I received a phone call from an experienced light worker, sending me a message in which I was asked to work from distance for her son, together with the Archangels. I had a quiet moment and I told her I will check with the Archangels. I felt myself pulled out from my things and pushed to the unknown. I was thinking: “how to work on someone from distance with the Archs (archangels), when I don’t know how to do it even face to face? I never did this before; this is for experienced light workers, not for me.” And instantly I saw with my third eye Gabrielle’s face, laughing at me and saying: “Cheer up! Everything has a beginning. You will know how to do it; you will make it! We are working with you and through you.” Well, that gave me courage. I trusted Gabrielle and I felt all the Archs near me, because actually we were all working as a team. They showed me even how to protect myself during that session. I had no idea about these things before. They taught me the first steps while working. And everything came natural. That was my very first work for someone else. I will remember Gabrielle laughing for the rest of my life.

I asked Gabrielle to be with me in every second of my life, to interfere directly in my life, because this is my will and when she helps me, it is like having near me a mother, a friend and a manager, all at the same time, in a perfect mix.

“Thank you, my dear Gabrielle! You always find the right words to give people confidence to follow their dreams.”

angelicsign academy
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