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A lot of people would like to ask for divine help to God, angels, ascended masters and they don’t know how to do this or they make some errors and after that they don’t “see” the answers to their prayers.

There are many people who consider that the only way to make your prayers be answered is to go to church or temple, to say a litany, to read specific prayers near an icon, which is good anyway. It is even recommended to visit God in His House (church or temple) but divine communication means more than that. What is happening if you never heard of litanies, you don’t have the “know-how” to use them or if you want to say a prayer to a specific elevated master or to a specific archangel that you don’t find in the holy house? Or let’s put it clearer: how can you ask for divine help anytime, no matter where you are?

I met people who would like to communicate to God, but when they do not have time to look for specific prayers or to go to church, they prefer delaying the entire process, because they are not sure if using other methods of communication would help them. And so they lose their confidence. And then, they face different issues in their life without knowing exactly how to solve them. Finally, they want to ask for help but they don’t know how to do this in order to receive answers.

So, how can you ask for divine guidance, without making errors? Which would be those errors? How can you receive the answers? Let’s see.

Everything is very simple. The Divine Forces are respecting the Law of Free Will.

The Law of Free Will means that God gives you options, He is guiding you to the right path, but He does not force you to accept His guidance. You have the right to refuse the divine help. For example, if you face problems and you ask for help but then you don’t follow the guidance you receive, you actually refuse the divine help. Or if you face problems and you don’t ask for help to God or to other divine forces, you refuse from the beginning the divine help. And then you decide to solve your issues by yourself. In order to receive something, you need to ask for it, then to accept to follow the guidance and finally to act according to the guidance.


Therefore, we have a first rule: Ask for help in order to receive it! Your guardian angels created by God to offer you support in any issue you may have, are watching you worrying for different things without being able to interfere, because you don’t ask for their help. So ask God, angels, masters for help and you would already make the first step. The Divine forces do not impose their power over you; they respect your right to accept or to refuse their help. Don’t wait for God to just interfere and solve your issues without asking for this. He will not do that.

So first, you decide you want divine help and you ask for it. ..But how do you ask for help? Simple: you can write a letter to God in which you tell Him your problem, with your own words, as you would write to a friend and you mention there that you need His help. Or you can just speak loudly or in your mind to God or to other divine forces; they do hear you anyway. Your angels know what you need; they just wait for you to ask for their guidance. You can say: 

“Dear God or angels…, I have this problem…..; please help me to solve this in the best possible way for me, because I can’t do it alone. Show me your guidance in an accessible way for me. I ask for your help, I accept your help and I want to thank you for hearing my prayer.”

A second important rule is to really want this help, to trust God and to specify exactly what the issue you are facing is. Don’t pray for one thing while you’re thinking to something else. And don’t ask for help just because people say that, without believing in this help, because your prayer will have minimum impact. You need to be specific and to believe in what you say.

Well, we saw HOW to ask for help, but we will see now WHAT to ask for. It is important to know what to ask for. The third rule is: not to give solutions to your issues, meaning to ask God to solve a problem in a specific way. We are limited beings. Imagine yourself in a cross road, waiting in your car for the green light. You may see two – three cars in front of you, because your physical vision cannot cover more. Now imagine that the Heavenly Forces are above you. They see the cross road, the entire town, roads between towns, the country, the planet. They see the best option you have to solve your issue. If you ask for a specific way to solve your issue, you limit yourself to the best you can as a human. If you decide to let the Divine to interfere for your own good, then you allow miracles to happen. You may be surprised by the ways your angels choose to solve your issues. They can exceed your expectations.

Here you have an example: let’s say your issue is “difficult financial situation”. In your mind you think that the solving solution is to get a salary raise at your job. So you say: “I need more money and I ask the angels to help me get a raise at my job”. Well, in that moment you limit your options, asking for what you think will help you. But let’s see how your angels can help you. They can offer you more than you expect; for example, you didn’t think that maybe a new job would be more helpful to you, bringing you more time, peace and appreciation. So in a short time, you lose your job and you start thinking:”Oh God, I’ve asked for more money and now I’ve lost my job.” This is one moment when you can lose your confidence. But actually you are on the way of getting more money, not using your solution, but a better one. So you start feeling the impulse to apply your resume to a specific company. You apply, you are hired and you discover that the new job is better paid, you really like your work and you receive more appreciation from your colleagues. This was the way God considered proper for solving your issues, for more than one reason; remaining with your previous job it would have meant more work, less time for you and maybe higher pressure.

So, when you ask for help don’t hand in a script to the angels by saying “here, this is how I want you to answer to my prayers”, because this is a way to block the experience of divine intervention. You will be concentrated to see the intervention in one way and you will miss the real one. Always say your issue and ask to be solved as God considers it is good for you.

So, you have asked for help, you trust God will help you in the best possible way for you and you wait… to see how this will happen. The forth rule is to be open to the opportunities around you. You may read a newspaper or watch TV and to see something related to a similar issue; you may have an idea to do something or you feel an impulse to call someone. You need to be open to anything coming to your head or happening around you.

But just feeling, hearing or seeing things will not help you if you don’t follow them. So follow the divine guidance you receive. It will lead you to the perfect solution.

Never forget to say “THANK YOU”.

Remember, there are things you should never ask for, because you won’t receive help, like: breaking a family, bad things to happen to someone, issues to be solved for you by affecting other people in a negative way. This kind of prayers will not be answered.

So, let’s make a revision: you have an issue and you want divine help. You decide you want this help and ask for it; you name the issue and you ask your divine Source to find the best way to solve it. You don’t specify what the solution should be. Then you stay receptive to signs around you and you follow your intuition leading you to the proper solution. At the end, it would be nice to say “Thank you”.

In time you will understand that if you follow the Divine Will, you can improve you life enormously. Here you may find a prayer which can help you attain this:”Dear God, I allow the Highest Good to prevail. Thank you.” Then you will see changes in all aspects of your life.

Use your own words because God always knows what you need and He will happily answer to your prayers.

Trust God!

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