Deceased People

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Our deceased loved ones are very close to us. After leaving Earth, most of them go to the astral plane. When I refer to the deceased loved ones, I don’t talk about to the ascended masters who go to higher realms, starting to the fifth dimensional causal plane.

Here I will draw few important lines which may help you if you experience the presence of deceased ones around or if you intend to contact them.

After leaving the Earth, the soul of a deceased person maintains connections to his last incarnation. The transition time differs from one individual to another, and during this transition, the soul keeps both free will and ego. The deceased souls have free will so they can decide for different reasons not to contact you or not to answer to your requests. But, most of the times, they contact us in our dreams, to help us, to ask for our help or just to talk to us. After leaving the Earth, these souls of the deceased people pass through a complex and graduate process of detaching themselves from the matter and from the human characteristics or attributes such as the ego. In time, some of our dear deceased relatives can decide to help people on Earth, but, in order to do that, they need to receive special initiation so they can become “spiritual guides”.

They can make their presence known to you in different ways: you can smell their scent, sense them nearby, some memories pop up, perfect timing of music or through the feeling of being touched.

At the beginning I refused to communicate directly to the deceased relatives of my clients. I was asking Azrael to be the messenger between me and that soul. In time, I’ve learnt how to communicate directly to these souls, only by my will. I love to connect to these souls, but only to comfort their living relatives or to pass on messages related to potential help from Earth.

Sometimes, when I try to contact a decease soul, he may not come. There can be many reasons for that, one of them according to Azrael, would be that the specific soul can’t receive the connection hear you. Then, Azrael usually explains to me what happens with that soul, why we can’t connect and how we can help. Through Azrael’s help, I always receive information about a deceased loved one. In some situations, Azrael is taking your messages or brings you messages.

The priests are very helpful for the deceased loved ones. Through their specific initiation, the priests can help the souls of our deceased loved ones mentioning their names within specific prayers. I know that from Archangel Azrael. In many messages I was told to ask the priest to pray for the soul of our deceased loved ones in addition to our personal prayers. Helping the souls of your deceased loved ones brings you immense happiness and satisfaction.

I don’t recommend asking the deceased one about your future. Your angels or the archangels are the best in this respect because they know more about your divine plan comparing to your deceased loved ones, who may know very few things in this respect.

From my mediumship sessions I may say that the deceased loved ones are sad when you suffer for their leaving. All of them are happy on the other realms and they wouldn’t come back to the earthly life.

It may happen that some souls of deceased people not to cross on the other realms. You have heard about haunted places for example. Sometimes these souls don’t realize they died, they are somehow lost between worlds. Maybe their death happened in violent circumstances or they are too attached to the matter. Maybe they left with unsolved issues on Earth, too suddenly or they are afraid of going into the Light. But in all cases they think they are still alive. The priests can help these souls through special prayers. Also, professional psychic mediums can help these souls to go into the Light. Prayers addressed to God, Jesus, and Mother Mary or to Archangel Michael can also help a lot. There are many Beings of Light who help souls to cross to the other side with love and care.

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