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Clairvoyance means “clear seeing”; it is the ability to gain information about people, things and facts through images not seen through your two physical eyes but with the third eye (spiritual vision). So it is the gift of seeing beyond your physical eyes. The intuitive center corresponding to this Clair is the so called “third eye” which is situated in the area between your physical eyes. Also, this Clair is strongly related to the sixth chakra, “the third eye chakra” which has a deep blue, indigo color.

We manifest clairvoyance in many different ways. You may have inner or external visions. In some images you are directly involved as an actor playing your role; so you see yourself in a movie. In other situations, you are just a bystander; you are watching a movie without seeing yourself acting. Due to the fact that in clairvoyance you use an energetic center, you can be clairvoyant even if you face possible health issues at the physical eyes level. Anyway, what you see as clairvoyant is not perceived by the people near you, if they do not have this Clair open.

Dreams represent one way to receive messages from other worlds and they are part of the clairvoyance manifestation. Many times, the dreams bring you solutions for issues you deal with during the day; you may also see things which will happen in the future or symbols of actions you will take in the future; you may visit places hard to reach in reality. In general, these dreams are very powerful, you remember them or at least you wish to remember them. If you forget them in the morning, it doesn’t mean you lost them; they are just floating under the surface of your consciousness and they will get to the surface at the right moment. And when this happens, you have a “déjà-vu” feeling – you remember things while they are happening in reality.

The flash images you may have in your mind (inside vision) represent another manifestation of clairvoyance. You may see a person and you have instant images related to the person, about his/her past or future. You may see figures, words, things, a title of a book, a symbol announcing something or answering to your questions. These images look like the photocam flashes.

The mental movies are more complex, more explicit, because they bring to your attention more information. You may see an action in motion, as you would watch a movie which is rolling in your mind.

Seeing aura is another manifestation of the clairvoyance. You may see a person and observe the energetic field around his/her body. You may also see internal organs or different issues that an individual may have at energetic level.


With the third eye you may also see the colors of the unseen entities. This is one of their ways to announce you that they are around you. You may see spheres of lights, flashes or sparkles of colors. White is representative for the angels, while the colors may help you to identify the Archangels, for example: Raphael has a green color, Uriel’s aura is yellow; you may find the colors of the archangels auras on the section named “15 Archangels”.

The corner-of-the-eye visions is another way to identify different spirits, souls which left the Earth or even the Nature Spirits. But when you try to see the image directly, to look straight, these entities may disappear.

Physical visual signs may be seen very often and they do not need the use of the third eye. You may see a dove feather, as a “hello” from your angels or from other guides from the unseen realms. You may open the TV and see images which give you a hint about how to solve a problem you may have; or you may see images in a magazine or on a street banner, related to something that you intend to resolve. In this situation, your divine guides are trying to transpose their messages into the physical plane to be sure you understand them.

The mental symbols represent another method chosen by the angels to send their messages. You can see these symbols during the day and the meaning of them can be very personal. Usually, when the angels are sending you symbols, they take into consideration what these symbols could mean for you. But there are also some general meanings of these coded images; for example an airplane means a travel, the fire means anger, the water urges you to analyze yourself better. When you see repeated symbols and you don’t understand their meanings, ask your angels to help you and to be clearer. They will bring more details to the light, helping you to get the right message. You don’t bother them if you ask for more details; on the contrary, they will offer you support to get the right meaning of their message. But the first step you can take is to think what that symbol would generally mean for you.

As I mentioned above, clairvoyance has different manifestation forms. You may manifest only some of them or even all. It may happen to have clairvoyance manifestations without knowing, these events being out of your control. In time, working on their development you will be able to control their appearance. You will be able to decide when you want to manifest clairvoyance. If you need a fast answer for a question – only with “yes” or “no” – and you consider yourself as being clairvoyant, you can create your own rules. For example, if the answer would be “yes” you can set the intention to see green color and if the answer would be “no”, you may set the “red” color. Creating your own settings and applying them often, will bring you more accuracy in the clairvoyance manifestation.

In my case, the dreams represent a very powerful manifestation of the clairvoyance. I have dreams with actions which will happen or symbols of future actions. One night I visited Japan in my dream and in the morning I heard about an earthquake in Japan. I like math and in my childhood I was receiving solutions for math problems in my dreams. Some ascended masters that I am working with choose to communicate their messages in my dreams; sometimes they show me travels I must do for spiritual development purposes. Deceased relatives come in my dreams advancing a further detailed message I receive “through automatic writing” during the day. The Archangel Gabrielle shows herself as a messenger with a trumpet advancing also messages I receive during the day.

I manifest visions while I am working with my clients. I can mentally see the entities which join a person: angels, elevated masters, deceased people, animals and nature spirits; but this happens under a specific state of meditation. Also, some of the answers I receive for my clients can appear as images. Some people manifest clairvoyance in a natural way, without any training. Other people manifest this Clair in time, as a result of a gradual development. Each person has its own evolution course on this path. I have developed the clairvoyance gradually, having other clairs already active.

There are many methods to increase the clairs’ manifestation. You need to have the corresponding chakras open and balanced. I recommend developing your clairvoyance alone, in your natural rhythm. It is important to know that you can start this development or you can block it anytime you want. There are few situations which could block you being clairvoyant: you got scared of something you saw and decided you do not want to see anything anymore, or people may tell you that this is happening in your imagination. The worse situation is when you do not trust what you see or when you wish too much to see something and you force yourself more than necessary. When you force too much, you get frustrated and actually you block this Clair instead of developing it in a natural and gradual rhythm. Your inner child can help or block you to mentally see, because he/she keeps all your fears which could block you. If you and your inner child act as One, in a balanced harmony, your inner child can have a powerful positive impact over your emotions and over your third eye chakra, removing all energetic obstacles you may have in opening the third eye.

If you send a clairvoyant in the nature, he/she will be very sensitive to the landscape, not to the sounds. He/she will share with you the wonderful colors of the nature, but he/she will not be able to tell you too much about the birds’ songs.

If you are in a good shape and you meet a clairvoyant, he will tell you: “I see you better today”, “you are so radiant”; a clairsentient will say: ” I feel you better today”, ” I have a feeling you are better”; a clairaudient will tell you “I hear you and I think you are better today” and somebody like me, with claircognizance will tell you ” today you’re fine, you’ll have a nice day”….”how do you know that?”..”I just know it”

The clairvoyants are using very often the verb “to see”: “I see you well on this direction”, “I don’t see a good result”.

Clairvoyance is a remarkable gift, which may bring you high satisfactions. Some people can share with you experiences about how they hear, feel or know things, but as clairvoyant you can describe how the entities look like, what is their color, details of the face, how tall they are and so on. Very often, when I am in a session with a client I just let myself gone on the wave and I detail to the client how the elves are laughing, how the boots of the gnome look like, how nice is the hair of one of the angels which are around.

Develop your clairvoyance and you will be able to “see” the splendor of the “unseen” realms!

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