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The sensations and feelings are clairsentience manifestations. The intuitive centers of this Clair are all over the body. The clairsentience is governed by heart chakra. You may feel love, fear, happiness, anger, comfort, relaxation, pain, warmth, chills, itches, depending on the message you receive. Your body is shaping a complex language trying to send you different information, in various ways. You intend to buy a car and you “feel in your heart” you found what you were looking for: the right car. You intend to leave on a trip and you have a discomfort sensation which announces you that you better stay home. Still, you leave on the trip and you have car problems or bad weather. Your stomach is shrinking and soon you receive unpleasant news. You feel an unseen presence and suddenly you sense fear. Probably you have around you a low vibration unseen entity. A friend tells you about his worry but you feel very relaxed about that. Soon you hear that your friend was worried for nothing.

There are also other Clairs included in clairsentience like intuitive smelling and intuitive tasting. The clair tasting is when somebody talks about something and you feel almost instantly a sour, sweet or bitter taste in your mouth. You may also have physical inedible tastes like moldy, dirty or messy. Or you touch the stomach area of an individual and you sense an acidic taste in your mouth. Probably that person has stomach health issues, like ulcer.

Through intuitive smelling you perceive various scents which may resemble physical ones (e.g. perfumes, flowers, odors, fruits, food) or temperatures (e.g. cold, cool, warm, hot). You change your job and for a while you perceive a powerful money scent, meaning that you will have financial prosperity. I met a person telling me that she can identify cancer illness in people after a specific smell. Another friend calls me from time to time to ask me what I had for dinner because she felt the smell of that food.

In general, this Clair has various manifestations. When you have near you some entities from other realms, you can feel their presence exactly as you might feel the presence of a human; you can sense the personal scent of a deceased person or the rose scent I smelled when I had Archangel Jophielle near me; you can also feel warmth when you have Archangel Michael around.

I had a counseling session with a client. She lost her father years ago and for all these years she lived with the idea that her father left too soon. When we called her father she received the message that it was his time to leave and it was also his decision to not remain on Earth. But during the session she felt when he came and when he left through a relaxing breeze in her face and also, during the entire conversation she felt his personal odor – his personal scent she knew since she was a child.


You can have clairsentience manifestations very often. You should take a close look over the messages that your own body sends to you, because they can have different meanings. Try to establish a personal communication code. Each time when you feel or sense something out of nowhere, try to notice the events that may follow.

Psychometric is another manifestation of clairsentience. It is the psychic ability to sense an object’s past, present or future, through touch. Each object has an energetic memory of its creator, of the environment where it was placed, or of the people who used it. The messages related to the object may come as sensations, images, sounds or thoughts. In my case, the clairsentience is one of the two primary clairs, after the claircognizance. When I touch the forehead of a person I enter instantly into a different dimension and I see things related to that person, from the past or from the future. I started to do this because I felt a constant powerful urge to just touch people’s heads. Anyway, the lightworkers who use their hands for healing or for receiving information are clairsentients, focused on their tactile sense. They have the hands ‘chakras well developed.

Of course, when we talk about clairsentients we can talk also about empaths. The empaths are picking up on the emotions, problems or feelings around them. Maybe it happened to you or you just heard things like: “I entered in a room and I felt negative energy inside”, or “that guy was nervous and he gave me his state of mind”. Some people can come to you to share their problems and they leave happy and relaxed while you remain with their problems. They just transferred to you their worries. You are in a room with a lot of people and you feel yourself overwhelmed by different feelings, emotions, and energies. In this case you need to shield yourself. Energetically you can visualize yourself covered in white light, your angels light, which protects you against all problems, ego-based energies and worries coming from other people. You need to detach yourself from what you feel around you. Learn how to be an observer! You need to see the people’s energies and worries going out from those people and you just lift these issues up through your vision, to their angels for transmutation. You will not see them coming to you or passing through you. You are a good counselor, when you help people to express their worries not when you undertake their energies.

Or, if you feel overloaded by undertaking things from other people, just let yourself on the Mather Nature’s hand. The plants, animals or a crystal can help you to clear yourself. I have learnt that animals and plants absorb your dark energies in a natural way, without being affected and they get rid of this energy sending it to the divine light, through their spirits.

The clairvoyant people usually use words like: “I feel something wrong”, “I have a strange feeling about that”, “I have a good feeling about this” or “I feel you better”.

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