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Claircognizance or “clear knowing” is the ability to know things; this ability is manifesting thoughts, ideas put directly in the mind of the claircognizant. The corresponding chakra is the “Crown Chakra”, situated on the very top of your head.

The people who have claircognizance know or say things, spontaneous. If you ask them “how do they know that?”, they will answer “I don’t know”. A lot of science people were claircognizants. They received revolutionary insights which have changed the world. We could talk here about Pythagoras, Einstein, Newton and many others. They were considered geniuses, highly intelligent, but if you would make a deeper research, you would see these people were also involved in esoteric or spiritual sciences.

When you face a problem and you call for Divinity’s help, it is very possible that the answers you receive to come as ideas. You receive a sudden idea to call somebody and later you discover that your received help through that individual. Also, suddenly you may have some impulses to take some action or you just receive thoughts which lead you to the solution you needed.

Claircognizance has various manifestations. I will talk about some of them and share with you some of my experiences as claircognizant. It will be a pleasure for me, since claircognizance is my strongest Clair.

You just met a person and you can say things about her, without any inspiration source. Very often I see pictures with various people and I start talking about them; general or detailed information may come into my mind, about the past or the future.

You do various things and suddenly some information about a friend is pumping to your head. Many times, while doing relaxing things I just receive messages for a friend, coming as thoughts or ideas. Usually there are precognitions, things which will happen. Or a friend is calling me to share a dilemma and I can say instantly what direction to follow, with no time for thinking. For example, a friend is calling me announcing that she is leaving on a trip in the middle of the nature, and she is undecided between staying to a motel or in a tent. I tell her straight to take a room because it will be bad weather. This information is coming in a natural way; if I try to force something, I do not receive anything. But in some cases, I am not allowed to know things, so I don’t receive any information. The information is downloaded into your head only if you have to know it and at the right time. Remember that we have this gift from God and only with a purpose.


As I said before, precognition is a part of claircognizance and it means to receive in advance information about future events. I learnt to detach myself and to be an observer. Sometimes the information you receive may be painful, but all the time you have to remember that you know these things for a purpose.

The thoughts and ideas as claircognizance manifestations are always spontaneous; you have no time to create them with your logic mind, and many times they flow into your mind when you are relaxed. You perceive them as very powerful and you know that they are true; you feel them as they already happen; you just don’t have doubts about their veracity.

Sometimes the phone is ringing and you know who is calling, before seeing the phone display, and without having any logical expectations from that person to call. It happens to me sometimes.

As I told you, I am manifesting mainly the claircognizance in my communication to the other realms guides. Their messages are downloaded into my head as words ready to be pronounced. The most powerful claircognizance manifestation in my case is the automatic writing, but without being in trance. The specialists say that the automatic writing is one of the easiest manifestations of the claircognizance. In my case, my hand is not leaded automatically, and I am perfectly conscious of what I am receiving. The messages come as if they are dictated by someone else, with the right speed for a cursive writing. The thoughts just flow one after another, without giving me time to actually think about them. I can sense some highlighted words, even if I don’t hear them. But I learnt that claircognizance is an “all-inclusive” package: you receive the information as thoughts or ideas; you sense the highlights and even if that entity is smiling. In other words, you just know all details, without seeing or hearing anything. For me, this is the most relaxing way to communicate with my guides. When my guides or angels want to let me know something, I just know that a message is coming, I take a paper and start writing.

This was my way to receive divine guidance and because many people asked me exactly how is happening, I will try to put it in words. Firstly, the claircognizance manifestation consisted in questions I had about different things. One of my guardian angels is having this specific task, to guide me in questioning things. My reaction was to seek for answers. In this way I was guided to some books or to other sources, able to answer to my questions. I was following this procedure very naturally, like I was doing that for my entire life. After few things happened, I started to look back to see the logic of the events, and I was amazed of the Divine Order which is in everything. In other situations, I just knew I have to look for something. All the time I knew I have to find information about the angels, and each time when I found something, I had that feeling that I still have to search for additional info. This is how I developed my psychic abilities, I worked with the angels, archangels, elevated masters and other Beings of Light. They helped me to know about my past, my life purpose and to link everything with what is happening in this earthly life I have now.

The messages you receive through claircognizance are very clear. You are helped in steps. You receive to take an action which leads to the next one, when you are ready. You may have revelations which show you only an idea of what will happen next, mostly to encourage you to continue. I just enter on internet, I order some books for which I have no interest at the moment and after months I need very fast one of them; and then I am happy I have it in my bookcase. And only then I can explain myself why I bought it before: because my guides knew I could need it fast at a specific moment.

If it happens to you to have different thoughts and ideas which brought you only good in your life because you followed them, then probably you are claircognizant.

As I said before, the claircognizance manifestation as divine guidance has some characteristics: you receive encouraging messages, explicit, in steps, at the right time. They come instantly, without giving you time to think too much. The idea you receive fits you perfectly; it is what you need and sometimes the solutions are surpassing your expectations. The ideas are repeated until you follow them. In case you accept to follow them, it seems like all doors are open for you and the results may come fast and easy.

The fake guidance, the one coming from your ego, gives you discordant solutions; they change fast and lead you to chaotic actions. Instead of boosting your energy, they make you loose your faith on the way.

I perceive the claircognizance as being more subtle than other clairs. Very often you can be in the situation to question yourself if it is a real divine guidance or your mind working. In many cases the claircognizance manifests new situations. And in all situations you just don’t have the answer at the question “how do you know”; you have no logical explanations. You will see the logic after the event takes place.

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