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Clairaudience or “clear hearing” refers to gain information, messages through sounds. We have ears which help us to hear the external sounds, but we also have energetic centers which help us to hear the inner voice or our divine guides messages. The energetic centers corresponding to clairaudition are the ears chakras. They are not mentioned as often as the other 7 chakras are, but they exist and are situated above the brows. Their color is reddish violet and they look like two discs.

The inner voice you hear through clairaudience may seem similar with your voice or may differ. It is a warm, encouraging, pleasant and lovely voice, which may sound as a whisper or at a high volume. This voice always comes as an answer to your prayers or as a warning about a future unpleasant event. You can hear one word or sentences. In general, after delivering the message, the voice stops. In many situations you can hear the voice “around you”. It happens to me to hear voices coming from outside my body. You can hear them often in the morning, just before waking up, when your mind is quiet and relaxed. Different entities may talk to you: your inner child, the angels, your divine guides, other Light Beings, nature spirits but also your ego (your inferior self).

One day, around Epiphany, when the priests are visiting us to bless the house, I was wondering in which day the priest will arrive in my house, because I wanted to be present there. And in one morning, a firm but warm masculine voice told me: “wake up, the priest is coming”. I was half awaken but I heard this voice loud on my left ear, as it was coming from outside. I went downstairs and I asked my mom if the priest came so early but she answered me in a very understanding way:” in few days the priest will come in our home”. In few hours, the priest visited our home, with few days earlier than normal.

You can hear a celestial music. In another morning, again half awaken, I heard and angelic music which woke me up instantly. I was fully awake and still listening to that music. All voices had the same sound, none of them being highlighted. The music sounded like a religions one. The divine harmony of those voices impressed me profoundly.

In my case, I hear very often a specific sound, of high frequency, coming from one side or from all sides, surrounding my head. And this is happening when I am about to receive a message, or when I need to pay attention to something happening near me or when I have something spiritual to do and I delay it for different reasons. Even if is a high tonality, I required from the beginning to manifest clear hearing at a low volume and in a pleasant way. In other situations, not so often, I hear short metallic sounds. It is important to help your guides and to tell them how you would like to hear those sounds: lower volume, higher volume; to give them all necessary details in order to have a pleasant clairaudience. They are very receptive to your demands.

Occasionally, I hear a phone ring, I check the phone and there is no call but in few minutes I receive a call.

The messages heard from other realms may have also manifestations in the physical realm. You may have some worries about something and suddenly you hear people near you talking about similar issues like yours. Or you hear a song on the radio and the lyrics are related to your situation.

There are differences between the messages you receive from your guides and those coming from your ego. When you receive messages from your divine guides, the voice is warm, comforting, even if sometimes is firm; the voice is talking to you at the second singular person. The message is related to your questions or worries, you receive solutions and support. The entire message is optimistic.

When you receive messages from your ego, voice may sound unpleasant, imposing and some times aggressive; the message is pessimistic, evasive, threatening, unrelated to your issue, containing abusive demands on other people. It is using “I” person. You may hear messages like: “I can’t do this”, “nothing good will happen”, “I will not make it”, and “I am trying for nothing”. In this situation, you can ask your angels to diminish the ego voice and to increase the volume of our Higher Self voice.

You can develop your clairaudition refining your hearing. Try to hear the sounds of the people moving, the nature and the wind sounds. Be careful to those noises which in general we ignore. You can sense an entity presence, hearing the noises of its movement or its steps. In many nights I heard subtle noises made by the entities present around me. The feelings you have when you hear the sounds is important. When you feel fear, just ask your angels for protection. When you feel relaxed or comfortable, then you can say thank you to those entities which are trying to get your attention.

It may happen to be overwhelmed by the sounds coming from other worlds or by the various sounds produced by nature but perceived at very high volume (e.g. the sound of the flowers blooming, of the grass growing). Or you just hear the thoughts of the people. If you are in any of these cases, ask your angels to help you to control this blessed gift, to select the messages you hear, to hear what you need and when it is necessary, and in the best manner for you.

The people with clairaudition have the tendency to focus their attention on sounds, voices. They will always notice the sounds rather than the images. Their common words are: “something tells me that is ok”, “this idea sounds good”, “I hear you”.

If you are not clairaudient, but you wish to manifest this divine gift, keep in mind the fact that everything is built in time and in steps. Don’t force things but don’t give up either, if it doesn’t happen immediately. I saw people manifesting other clairs and only reading about clairaudience and setting the intention to manifest also this gift, they noticed in a short time signs of clairaudition. And this was also my case.

You will just see things happening and you will recognize the steps you read about in books or heard from others. As long as you are relaxed, determined to hear clearly and you work on your energetic centers, you will be able to hear that little inner voice which keeps you connected to the magnificent unseen guides.

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