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Chamuel means “The sight of God” and HE IS MAGNIFIC. He is also called Kamuel, Camael, Camiel and he has a masculine energy.

Chamuel will help you with anything that seems missing: starting from the key of the car till your life path. Chamuel was chosen to manifest the Power of God – Geburah (the Fifth Sephirah). I see Chamuel as a reddish pink color.

Chamuel is like an air traffic controller. He is able to see in all directions and to identify anything you need to find. He always helped me to find things or to find the truth related to things I considered lost. Anything you need to find, even a piece of paper, he will bring it to your sight, if you ask for his help. I will share some experiences I had with Chamuel, to help you understand how he works.


My entire family was looking for the car keys. We tried everywhere, including in my car, for repeated times. I remembered Chamuel and I asked for his help. The next morning I went directly to my car and I searched in one place, checked before for few times and I found the keys. I thanked Chamuel for bringing them on my sight so easily.

In other situation, I lent to a friend three books and I needed them back, but she didn’t manage to find them in her house as she is living in a big house. At some point, I was thinking how much time it will take until we find them and I asked Chamuel to help me find those books. And still no success. Then I asked Chamuel to help me find my books “which were in the house at that time”. Well, in that moment, we went back to the bookshelf and we instantly found two of my books there, mixed between other books. The third one was not in the house. My friend remembered that she took it to her office and she lost it. So I found my books and the truth about the third one.

There would be many such personal examples, but I also asked some of my friends to share with you some of their miraculous experiences with Chamuel and soon, I will post them on the website.

Chamuel is also manifesting new relations into your life. He helps you to meet new people in your life, with similar vibrations, to whom you can openly talk about your interests; people who can offer you support when you need and whom you can help when they need. He helps you to develop new harmonious relations. Also, if you have a friend you haven’t heard for some time, Chamuel will help you; actually you can have beautiful surprises on this side.

Chamuel is helping you to find your soul mate to share a life with . With his power of seeing everything in all directions, Chamuel identifies your half and creates an energetic bridge between your hearts, helping both of you to be aware of each other when you meet. Ask Chamuel to get you closer to your soul mate and to help you feel when you meet your true half.

When you are looking for your right life path, Chamuel is near you. You just need to ask him to show you the right direction to follow and to accept his help.

Chamuel and Raguel are Relationships Archangels: Raguel is healing your past relations and is harmonizing your present ones, while Chamuel manifests new relations in your life.

As I said before, Chamuel is one of the most magnificent archangels in manifestation, together with Arielle and Michael. I always call him to bring the new in my life, to attract compatible people around me. He is a wonderful friend, always coming when you call him. Because remember! You need to ask and to accept the help of these divine friends; otherwise they will not interfere over your life.

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