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Ariel or “The Lioness of God” – I call her Arielle, because she manifests a highly feminine energy and she is an Angel of Nature together with Hanielle. Her color is light pink, so when you see sparks of light pink or lions, lionesses suddenly in some pictures, it means that Arielle is around and she is trying to tell you something. If during one period of time you feel the need to have pink around, try to understand what message has Arielle for you.

Arielle is associated with nature, with the Earth Planet, with the spirits of nature. She is helping you with the grounding techniques, with “to be in body” let’s say; she guides you in various ways to enjoy nature, to charge yourself energetically with the help of the nature, to protect the nature or to heal through the nature. Arielle is closely connected to all nature beings, especially with those that reside in and around water: dolphins, water birds. You can work with both Arielle and Rafael on healing animals or healing techniques related to the nature.

Because Arielle is highly connected to Gaya, the Earth Spirit, she will help you in balancing your energetic centers, in calibrating yourself at the earth frequencies, to be more grounded, in terms of concentration and of living in present. If you happen to be more “out of body”, spacey, then you can call Arielle to help you anchor within your body. You need a strong connection with the earth while you are developing transcendental chakras or meditation techniques.

Arielle is working with elemental spirits and she can help you to connect with them; here I refer to fairies, gnomes, elves, undines and many other similar spirits which are very real, but more perceived by children than by adults. Arielle will help you to adjust yourself at the vibrations of these wonderful beings, in order to perceive them easier.

Also, if you feel attracted by nature, plants, animals, birds, you may ask Arielle to lead you toward discovering if your life purpose is related to helping nature and its beings. For example, if you feel attracted by plants, flowers, call Raphael and Arielle to offer you support on this path. If you love animals, you feel a strong communication with them or the need to help them, call Arielle to lead you, to highlight opportunities for you on this direction. She can help you to communicate with these beings. On the healing side, ask Raphael to lead you toward the best option you may have to bring value to the world through your interests.


Being strongly connected with the Earth, Arielle will help you with the earthly matters as manifestation; she is helping you with your prayers for your Earthly needs to be met harmoniously and peacefully. We mention here: abundance, financial security, home, family life. She will bring the abundance flow into your life. You need to enjoy your earthly life. Arielle will also help you with group settings, to speak up and stand for your ground and with boundaries, in a way to feel comfortable in your relations with the others.

Arielle is a highly miraculous archangel; you feel her manifestations very powerful, in almost all aspects of your life. All people who have asked for help with daily issues, on financial or social aspects, came back with an overwhelming feeling of experiencing miraculous solutions. The important thing is to ask Arielle for help and to follow her guidance, without imposing a favorite solution. Just let her creativity to play and you will just witness miracles at fast speed.

Each time when I was spacey or highly energetically loaded after work sessions, Arielle was interfering by pushing me to nature, to connect to Gaya, to anchor within body, to center and to drag within earthly life force. I met people working with Nature Spirits the same as I do with angels and they were telling me about the support offered by Arielle in connecting to these magnificent beings.

I asked Arielle to interfere freely into my life, when necessary, in her miraculous way, without waiting for my request, and I saw the results. She was undertaking control over critical issues in my life: connection with the earth, so necessary in working with the divine. She was arranging for me trips in the forests, through my friends, showing me in detail how to meditate, how to touch the ground, where to sit, putting me in contact with forest spirits or even with crystals spirits. In my daily activities I have Arielle as partner in all my plans involving financial aspects, in order to stay on the abundance flow and to keep my accounts on optimum levels.

I tell you, it is wonderful to let yourself in the hands of miraculous Arielle; to allow her to make your life better than you can do it by yourself!

Thank you my dear Arielle for being “here” when I need it!

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