The souls are created by God on the 7th Heaven, called "Araboth" (The Zohar interprets the word Araboth as a "mixture" because, it says, "this heaven is a mixture of fire and water". Here is the Holly Place where God is Creating the Souls.

Qabballah offered me a lot of answers related to the Heavens Kingdom. In Araboth are dwelling the souls of the prophets, the righteous, together with Messiah. Here we also find the Seraphim, the Holly Living Creatures and the Throne of God. In Araboth the souls are also ending their reincarnations journeys. Imagine a kingdom, like an ocean, an "existential water" lighted by the Divine "Sun". Each wave from the "surface of the waters" is a Soul, a subtle vibration "illuminated by a spiritual spark", a "living being". These spiritual sparks will always remain there, while they manifest an extension on their descending travels. The souls of the righteous are superior to the angels and the other spirits. The Human Soul is the unique Creation which synthesizes all essences of God, the Divine, Sephirotic ones.

Let's follow the travel of the Souls: the Created Being issued from the Uncreated Being, these Souls, descend to lower heavens or on Earth, as separate individuals, to fulfill their fate in order to be able to return and become one with the divine waters, at the end of their reincarnations journey. If during their reincarnations the souls are not enough prepared to unite with the Unique and to become One with God back to Araboth, then they are sent to lower Heavens to reach the completion through the Sephiroth essences specific to that inferior Heaven or they reincarnate on Earth in order to solve their ongoing issues.

During the afterlife periods, in the passage between death and a new birth in each lifetime, the souls may dwell in specific Heavens or may experience planetary sojourns, in order to assimilate charactersitics of that Planet.There is no death, only separation between soul and body. Some souls may choose to reincarnate on some Planets in order to complete some divine essences but The Earth Planet is considered to be a real School in soul perfectioning process.

We already have moments during our earthly life when we are allowed to remember our past lives. We are on Earth to learn. We have the Free Will to make choises and we are fully responsible of our decisions' consequences. Before a reincarnation, we decide together with our Divine Guides what we intend to do in the future earthly life - what issues to solve from our past lives or what we intend to learn in the future life. It is like a contract we sign with God. We sketch our life plan, we decide what key people to meet, what conditions to face in order to evolve, what parents to have in order to receive help in our plan (our parents may put us in some „earthly perceived" easy or dificult situations). And according to our intentions, God comes with all support we need to achieve our Plan: guardian angels, divine guides.

But when we begin our earthly life, we forget about everything. We just perceive diferent situations, sometimes unpleasant ones, but which we actually chose before reincarnation. And some people ask:" why we are not helped to remember our sketched Plan?". Because if we would access this information without being ready, we would not highly benefit from our life lessons, we would not be able to fully focus on them, as we do as simple beings. We would be distracted from our „learning" process. We need to reach a specific spiritual development level which enables us to make the best of the received information. That's why it is recommended to not access the memory of your Soul „just" by curiousity. You need to reach that spiritual level which pushes you forward through the information you receive. Anyway, before reincarnation, you will set any posibility to access the memory of your soul, at the right moment in your spiritual development. But, if you don't access your soul history at all during one life, it does not mean you are not a „spiritual entity" or you cannot reach your objectives set for this life. It just means you don't need that, at this moment.

And, when you leave Earth, you get access to your soul memory (your Akashic records): your past and your sketched Plan, in order to understand your accomplishments, otherwise the learning process would not help you. You remember who you are, all past lives you had; you analyse yourself with goods and bads and you can appreciate what objectives you reached. That judgement after life about which we have learnt in our religions it is actualy the self examination of our life in which we feel at a high intensity all good and bad things we have done. You see then how you followed the opportunities leading to your Plan achievement or how you missed them through your Free Will. It is said that it is not God the One Who is judging us but ourselves. God gives us only the forgiveness. He comforts us and offers us support to follow our evolving path and to finally reach Him on the 7 th Heaven.

But let's return to the Plan, because it is very important. As it is said, before reincarnation we just draw the main picture and during the earthly life we add the details. It is very possible not to reach all our objectives or to exceed them. In the last situation - of exceeding the Plan, our guides are activating some future lives sketches and help us accomplish during one life objectives set for few lives. But at this point you would be already highly engaged in a deep evolved spiritual development, through which you may understand, while you are on Earth, that the earthly life represents a school which teaches you how to get closer to God by purifying your Soul.

Some people ask: "How do I know if I am on the right path ( "on schedule" let's say), while being on Earth?" Those who are on the right path or even surpass their intentions for this life have the feeling that everything in their life is how it is supposed to be, while those who lost their path have a strong feeling that everything is out of control.

During our past lives, we had different identities (different personalities, gender, cultural influences). On the complex realms that we hardly perceive, these identities are somehow active. Now, in this life we solve some of the issues caused by them, in the past. And when we balance our karma, we release these specific identities which created the cause of our present issues. Our past identities need this present identity because during their lives they were not able to solve the issues they created. But you cannot solve all past issues in one life. Your collective memory (the memory of all these entities) brings to surface some issues that you may solve in your present life. We are part of a web of life. Christopher Bache wrote in his brilliant book that I highly recommend: "Lifecycles. Reincarnation and the Web of Life", that "the events from your past look like an embroidery". We see on one side two individual points with no connection and on the back we may see the thread between them. Everything is happening with a reason and there is an entire network between our existences and between souls.

I mentioned above that we establish the people we shall meet in our life. But we decide that, together with our guides and with the souls of those people. I am referring to people who have critical influence over your life in some specific moments. So, take into consideration that all your actions on Earth have impact over other people lives. Therefore we need to be responsible for our thoughts, judgments and actions because they may impact others also.

I just touched the surface of this topic, because in reality is very complex and impossible to be comprised by the human mind. But when you start perceiving other realms and open a dialog with your guides through your "Clairs", you end up reaching the Truth from your Soul. Then you understand the purpose of your life and become aware of the fact that you have decided to receive some information about yourself or others at a specific time, according to the development level you reached (this being a main line in your Plan sketch). You also find that you have divine support through your angels and guides which may help you directly or indirectly to stay on your course while you are linked to the matter and that you should choose to follow your guidance. Through your Free Will you can determine the course of events, affecting your present and your future lives.

More and more people ask about their life purpose, lessons they have to experience, things they have to solve in this life. It is good to know that you cannot access some information if you are not ready to understand them or to use them; they will not be revealed to you. Usually you have access to information strictly related to your present situation, at its specific moment. There are also the Great Lords of Akasha and other Akashic masters which may give you or not the permission to access the Akashic Records, the place where your Soul Memory dwells.

I find also interesting to mention that there are highly spiritual entities which don't need to reincarnate because they already reached the highest level of soul evolution, but they still decide to descend in order to help more actively the souls on Earth plane or the human kind in general. There are also angels or nature spirits incarnated for the same reason. Most of them are already aware of their history and purpose, but others are on the process of discovering their Truth, while manifesting strongly their real divine characteristics.