Thank you for visiting the “Services” section. Until September 9, 2019, I will not be able to take services or schedule readings in advance. My internet access will be very limited during this holiday. Thank you for understanding. See you soon.

Before requiring any type of service, I recommend you to read the information posted on the website and the details for each service posted on "details", in order to have a general picture about how things happen within the subtle worlds and about how we can communicate with our divine guides and helpers. In this way, you will be able to maximize the ordered services I can offer to you through Divine Will. Thank you.

Mini intuitive reading
"Divine Guides"
Mini intuitive reading
"Skype session"
Mini intuitive reading
"Divine messages"
30 Euro 30 Euro 30 Euro

Akashic Reading

40 Euro

Two services, "Divine Guides" and "Divine Messages" and are provided on e-mail basis. The physical presence of the client during sessions is not necessary. Both extra senzorial senses ( 4 Clairs) and the divine entities transcend our human time and space' physical limits. I am only an intermediating channel through which the entities send messages or work and, as a channel or vehicle I use clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudition, clairvoyance and channeling to receive their messages for you. Therefore, it is not necessary for us to meet in person and I do not need a picture of yours in order to be able to deliver to you the received messages from the divine.

To order by email, just click on PayPal button below the needed service and follow the instructions. I will confirm your order and payment by email, as soon as PayPal notifies your payment. If you do not find angelicsign' emails in your Inbox, please check your Spam. I will also require additional details if necessary and I will send you the scheduled date of your reading. The scheduled reading will be made according to the ongoing orders availabilities.

The payments may be canceled only within 48 hours from the requested order and not after the delivery of service. The payment is accepted by PayPal. If you need other payment option, just email me on "Contact" section for instructions.



All provided services do not represent a substitute of the traditional medicine, as they cover spiritual and energetic aspects. Please consider them as complementary to the traditional healing services. It is in your best interest to look for medical care if you experience any physical or mental issues. The provided therapies are focused on personal spiritual development. Due to our code of ethics I reserve the right to decline requests for readings or other spiritual work if deemed inappropriate / unsuitable. This at times may be without further explanation. In the event of this happening you would be fully refunded.