Ascension Workshop



Access practical tools and Higher Support

needed on your Spiritual path,

during a three days workshop,

with Ramona Popescu

Ascension Teacher, Diana Cooper School





Ascension is a actually a descending complex process - it means to ground your Spirituality on Earth. Ascension is about increasing the Light quotient in your subtle bodies, expanding your consciousness, accessing higher informational levels and realms and about releasing from the wheel of reincarnations. On Earthly level, the Ascension process is urging you to turn into your inner space and to become a God Realized being living on Earth.

During this workshop we shall work on some specific procedures aimed to help you to find yourselves your Own Light while traveling on your Spiritual Path.

As Ascension Teacher of Diana Cooper School I will guide you on accessing information you might need to carry on your spiritual journey.





The subjects covered during the workshop include:

  • An understanding of Ascension

  • Dimensions

  • Procedures useful to work with higher energies

  • Higher Self and Monad - Monad Mantra

  • The 12 chakras of the fifth dimension - information, activation, practical exercises for keeping them at optimum level

  • Huna Prayer

  • Decrees

  • Invoking and connecting to the Ascended Masters

  • About Karmic Board

  • Ascension Chambers and Etheric Retreats

  • Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame

  • Golden Silver Violet Flame

  • Ways to build the Light Body and raise the Vibration


When, Where : January 30th - February 1st 2015, in Bucharest

(venue to be announced)

Cost : 150 euro


Registration : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Limited number of participants.

If you are interested in attending to this workshop in your area, please let me know on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it