Nature Spirits

When we address this topic "Nature Spirits" we refer to various categories of entities.

First, we talk about the Planet Earth, our earthly mother. The human being has a physical body, an etheric body, an astral body and the Superior Self. The same is happening with the Earth, if we approach the Planet as a Body.

We all know the physical body of the human being. You look at someone and you see his body. It is the only physical part we have. The Planet Earth has also a physical body, the one we can see and here we include the plants, animals, forests, land (earth), waters, and air.

Then we have the etheric body or the energetic body. In humans' case, the etheric body is doubling the physical body, but consists only of energy. The main elements of our etheric body are the chakras or the energetic centers. Through this ether body, the humans receive the force of life necessary for survival, also called kundalini. This etheric body is a coherent structure, a whole. Also the Planet Earth has an etheric body which cannot be seen by our physical eyes, but with the third eye, like in the case of the human etheric body. But here we cannot talk about a whole, a coherent structure, but about a diversity of entities, with power over the plant and the animal kingdoms. These entities are called Elemental Spirits. Some Elemental Spirits have a form and a structure, while others do not have a shaped form because they change it all the time. We have four categories of Elemental Spirits: The Spirits of the Earth, of the Air, of the Waters and of the Fire. I will come back to them later, because we can interact with them very often and because they represent the most accessible and pleasant entities from all subtle layers of the Nature.

Let's go back to the human body and here we find the astral body, which is behind the etheric body and corresponds to our desires, passions and sufferings. In case of the Earth, after acquiring deep esoteric knowledge, we start to perceive the astral body of the Planet in which there are dwelling some Superior Forces, as compared to the Elemental Spirits. We will call them "Superior Spirits" because they oversee the Elemental Spirits. These Superior Spirits connect with people, transmitting impulses of will and sympathy. Through these Superior Spirits we can name the "Spirits of the revolution of time". They coordinate the time: the seasons, the day and night, everything involving time alternation. Their action affects the astral body of the human being and here, Rudolf Steiner explains:"We can feel this relationship when we allow the seasons of the year to work upon our soul".

Finally we have the Superior Self of the Human Being, having as correspondent at Planet level, the "Spirit of Earth". It is also called Gaia. The human being perceives the outer world and so the Spirit of the Earth does - it perceives the planet's outer world, the spirits of the others planets or of the celestial bodies.

As I mentioned before, we will give a special attention to the Elemental Spirits. These Spirits have a lower energy comparing to angels. They have ego and in general they judge your behavior relating to the nature, environment and animals. During a trip to Hawaii, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people working mainly with the Elemental Spirits. On the Elemental Spirits category we mention fairies, elves, hobs, gnomes, undines, sylphs, and spirits of forests, of the trees, waters, animals, plants, crystals or earth.

I also had the chance to see how some people talk to these spirits and after setting my own intention to do this also, I started to perceive them more powerfully. I also had some personal experiences with them, for example they saved my mother's garden of different insects attacking the flowers.

As I already mentioned, these spirits are more "human" let's say than angels, meaning they have will and ego. They help you only if they want to and if you do something nice for the nature in return for their help. They don't like to tell you their name; it is hard to convince them to do that. They make different farces, as we know from the books, and here I refer especially to the hobs. They punish you if you break some rules (especially related to the attitude toward nature) or if you disarrange things without their permission. You need to ask for their permission for some actions such as entering in some sacred places and it is nice to thank them after receiving their help.

…Did you know, for example, that a flower fairy stays near her flower until the flower fades? Or that, when you work in the garden, plenty of hobs are around you watching carefully, each of them, how you arrange his own plant, tree, flower; and when you leave the garden they escort you till the exit? Did it ever happen to you to find your tools moved away while you work in the garden? These entities are lovely. And they make themselves known mostly in wild places, with no chemical fertilizers or crowd of people.

When I set my intention to contact these lovely spirits, they started to introduce themselves in different ways. I saw some of them with my third eye, but mostly I sensed their presence around me. Usually children are highly receptive to these spirits, because they do not have that rational side of their mind developed and they don't start questioning whether it is reality or fantasy. Unfortunately when children tell their parents about their fairy friends or other nature spirits they see, the parents fear of who knows what mental illness.

Gnomes are spirits of the Earth. I saw gnomes around few people. They are small and have long beards. They work with the plants, animals and crystals. If we take the plants for example, the gnomes create the bond between the roots of the plants and the earth, directing the earth mineral elements on the root's proximity. At the same time, they receive information from the Universe through the plant. The plant is collecting the mysteries of the Universe through the solar light, air and water and she is transmitting them to the earth. The gnomes receive these mysteries and pass them through the entire earth. They have a remarkable intelligence, a special ability to understand the secrets of the Universe and very often they amuse on people, considering that human beings strive too much to understand things.

The gnomes avoid a tight connection with the earth because they are afraid not to take the amphibian forms and in particular that of frogs. This is why they spend a lot of time around flowers; they pull flowers out of earth and they help them grow, in order to receive more and more ideas from the Universe through these plants. I visualized these entities in extremely funny ways: wearing small boots, with some bonnets on their head, and hushing me with their hands while I was asking for their names. I see them usually around people who love nature, animals, and plants.

The hobs are similar to the gnomes. If you need to protect your house, ask a hob to guard it over the night, but be sure you leave there some food and water, as a reward because he is spending time to guard your home.



Undines rule over the moist air sphere near the water. The undine dream continuously, but their dream is in the same time their form. They live in the etheric element of water, swimming and floating in, but they are afraid not to take the fish form. The undines work over the plants after those are pulled out by the gnomes from the earth. They dream of chemistry. The undine dream is this world's chemist which is combining and separating in a mysterious way substances in the plant world, starting in the leaves. They are the chemists which offer to the plant the substances necessary for survival.The Undines love to transform themselves continuously and their inner satisfaction is when they come to the surface of the watery nature. They are somehow at the border between air and water. We could call them also "Spirits of Water".


The sylphs live in the air element; they work with the light and are highly sensitive to the air currents. They adore the birds' songs and they feel wonderful near birds. If I said that the gnomes hate to be frogs and the undines hate to be fish, well, in the case of sylphs, they would love to be birds, but God gave them other missions; for example to bring the light to the plants. The light brought by the sylphs in the plant works on the chemical forces induced into the plant by the undines. You can call sylphs to reduce the power of the wind. They are usually formless, but when they want, they may appear as tiny winged beings.


The fairies are angels dwelling close to the Earth, taking care of natural environment, animals and plants. But they are mainly the guardian angels of the animals. They love chocolate (unpacked) and shinny rocks; they love to sing and dance.The fairies help you with in aspects of your daily life. They can help you with gardening, animals' care, healing animals. If you ask for their help, they first check up on you, test you and then they help you.

They can ask you to do something for the nature on protection, recycling or beautifying the natural environment. Actually they work exactly like angels, only that their energy is lower. The fairies communicate to you by intuition. They look like small women, with wings like butterflies, but highly transparent.

The crystals have also their spirits, called devas. If we look on the soul evolution scale, the first step the soul makes on Earth is on the mineral kingdom. I work a lot with these devas; they are like guardian angels of the crystals. They help me in protection, energetic clearing in meditation or in getting information during my work with the angels. They help me also in my daily tasks. They are some interesting entities, with preferences: for example some of them want you to take them with you and to place them in a specific location. They know what they have to do.

I started to communicate with the devas of crystals by the help of Archangel Raphael. One day he healed me with a quartz. Raphael told me to ask the deva of that quartz to help me. I was healed very fast by both of them: Raphael and the spirit of the quartz. At the end, Raphael asked me to say thank you to that Spirit, to clear the quartz and to charge it. I asked Raphael to explain me how to cleanse and charge the crystal, because there are so many different opinions on that. Raphael asked me to put the crystal under cold water and to say:" as the physical dirt is cleaned by this water, so the negative energy to be cleansed" - because the crystal extracted some negative energy from my body during the healing process with Raphael. Then Archangel Raphael asked me to light up the icon lamp, to place the quartz near and to ask the Angel of the icon lamp to direct the Holy Spirit light over the quartz, in order to charge it with holy light.

Since that experience, I highly appreciate the crystals and their Spirits and I've started to use them more often. There are days when crystal devas compel my attention to use the crystals for some chakra work.

I have to recognize that in the beginning of my spiritual research, I was not so interested in the Spirits of Nature. I was focused on Divinity, angels, ascended masters, but while advancing on my spiritual path, I reached also to the Spirits of Nature.

As I mentioned earlier, during my trip to Hawaii I had the opportunity to meet people working mainly with the Spirit of Natures, but others were working also with the animals. I had an interesting experience one night with a such a person who called in an ocean's spot of light near the coast, two manta rays so I can see these beautiful species. Well, two manta rays came near the coast, doing exactly what he was asking them to do; for example to incline on the right, or to the left. After few minutes they left. I was astonished. He also told me how he saw a tree fairy in front of his face for 20 minutes, describing her appearance.

Also, during my trip to Hawaii, the Archangel Arielle helped me to get closer to the dolphins. I had the intention to take a dolphin swim in the ocean. Before finding the dolphin group of hundreds, playing near the coast, I felt their presence at physical level. I had the feeling that a powerful group energy is trying to contact me; I was crying while needing to contact it more directly. In a short time, following Arielle's guidance I found the big group of dolphins, and I had the chance to swim with them, to look into their eyes, under water and to hear their sonar. It was an unique experience.

I wish to you to meet the Spirits of Nature and to allow them to enter into your life. Even if maybe you will not visualize them, you will definitely sense their help.