Souls of the deceased loved ones

Another category of entities very close to us is the one of the deceased loved ones. Their souls may arrive in many places. Their vibrations are lower than of the other subtle entities, and this is why the human beings may perceive them more powerfully. When I refer to the deceased loved ones, I do not refer to the ascended masters who experienced a different ascension and have a different position on the higher realms.

Here I will draw few important lines which may help you if you experience presences of these souls around you or if you intend to contact them.

After leaving the Earth, the soul of a deceased person maintain human characteristics for a period of 1-2 generations (our time). They still have links with the matter, with their body. The transition time differs from one individual to another, and during this transition, the soul keeps both free will and ego. The deceased souls have free will; they can decide for different reasons not to contact you or not to answer to your requests. They also keep the ego, for a while, therefore, combining their free will and ego, your deceased loved ones may want to help you from Heavens, but in their way, and sometimes, without intention, they can harm you, trying to help you. I will give you one example from a personal experience.

I tried to help the soul of an uncle, an elder person, before leaving the earth. I read near him special prayers addressed to Mother Mary, in order to help his soul in the moment of leaving the Earth; actually I was still reading these special prayers while he was dying. When a soul leaves the body, he needs all possible support and the prayers addressed to powerful entities for his help are essential. The next day I went to the office, but on my way, I had a car accident that forced me to go back home. Later, I found out that my uncle's soul needed more help from my side and tried to keep me near, to read prayers. Even if that soul needed only help, the way he found for keeping me home was damaging to me. And also he disregarded my Free Will, even if without intention to harm me.

Our deceased loved ones may interfere in our life in different ways, asking for help, because it is said that only us can help them from Earth through our prayers for their forgiveness. After leaving the Earth, these souls of the deceased people pass through a complex and graduate process of detaching themselves from the matter and from the human characteristics or attributes such as the ego. In time, some of our dear deceased relatives can decide to help people on Earth, but, in order to do that, they need to follow a special initiation school. In few generations (our earthly time), they are able to become a sort of "spiritual guides" for some people - only after graduating this initiation school. It is exactly like on Earth, where in order to help people you need at least a basic initiation where you learn principles, procedures and so on. Otherwise, you may harm instead of help due to lack of information.

Our deceased loved ones can ask for help or send us messages in our dreams. In other situations, you may sense their presence around you; you can also sense their specific smell they were having during life (specific perfumes they were using).

At the beginning I refused to communicate directly to the deceased relatives of my clients. I was asking Azrael to be the messenger between me and that soul. Later,  I learnt how to communicate directly to these souls, only by my will. I love to talk to these souls, but only for counseling their living relatives or to pass on messages related to potential help from Earth.

When calling for a "deceased soul" in order to offer consolation to a client, the following situation may occur: the soul not to come. There could be many reasons for that, one of them according to Azrael, would be that the specific soul does not hear you. Then, Azrael usually explains to me what is happening with that soul, why it does not come and how we can help. This is one of the reasons I work with Azrael, because through Him, I always receive information about a deceased loved one. In some situations, Azrael is taking your messages or brings you messages.

The priests are highly helpful for the deceased loved ones. Through their power received from God, the priests can help the souls of our deceased loved ones uttering their names within specific prayers. And I do not know that from holy books but from Archangel Azrael. In many of His messages He requested to ask the priest to pray for the soul of our deceased loved ones in addition to our personal prayers. Helping the souls of your deceased loved ones brings you immense happiness and satisfaction.

It is advisable to go to a medium who has a specific responsibility during connection sessions. Also, it is good to contact the deceased loved ones only for consolation, or to find ways to help them - if needed. And these sessions must be monitored by the Archangels, in order to have protection, beautiful feelings and peace.

I do not recommend calling the deceased loved ones for knowing about your future. Your angels or the archangels are the best in this respect. They will offer you this information by Divine Will and with a peculiar wisdom. And they have the whole picture of your future comparing to your deceased loved ones, who may know very few things in this respect.

From my mediumship sessions I may say that the deceased loved ones are sad when you suffer for their leaving. All of them are happy on the other realms and they would not come back to the earthly life.

There is a specific category of deceased people I would like to approach. It may happen that the souls of some deceased people to not cross on the other realms. You have heard about haunted places for example. Sometimes these souls do not realize they died, they are somehow lost between worlds. Maybe their death happened in violent circumstances or they are too attached to the matter. Maybe they left with unsolved issues on Earth, left too suddenly or they are afraid of going into the light. But in all cases they think they are still alive. The priests can help these souls through special prayers. Also, initiated medium people can help these souls to go into the Light. Prayers addressed to God, Jesus, and Mother Mary or to Archangel Michael can help you a lot. If these souls bother you, just ask to your Divine Guides to send these souls to their proper place with your entire love and understanding.