Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters or Elevated Masters are people who lived on earth, they had an extraordinary spiritual evolution and changed the world through their actions and Divine gifts. They undergone the process of ascension. It is believed that the Ascended Masters learned the lessons of life during their incarnations. They gained mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, balanced at least 51% of negative karma, and fulfilled their Divine Plan. An Ascended Master, having such an understanding, has become God-like and a source of unconditional "Divine Love" for all life forms, and through the Ascension, has united with his or her own "God Self," the "I AM" Presence.

We could name the Prophets of the Old Testament: Elijah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Saint John the Baptist. We can also name: Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Kind David, King Solomon, Holy Apostles and other Saints, as well as other great personalities from all religions and types of knowledge such as: Saint Germaine, Buddha, Quan Yin, Melchizedek, Merlin and the list can go on. Within the religions which are not Christian, Jesus and Mother Mary are considered to be also ascended masters.

These Great Masters obtained victory through their own will over sins, illness or hard times offered by an earthly life and they managed to transmute their energy while alive, to the Holy Spirit of God. They come with the power of example and they guide you on your spiritual path chosen by yourself before reincarnation.

From all creations of God, the man is the only one which can be considered as a "micro-universe". We are a miniature of the entire Universe, with physical body, soul, spirit and conscience, all the 4 aspects corresponding to the four worlds created by God and approached in details by the ancient sacred wisdom. In addition, the man is considered also the co-creator of God.

If we study the Divine Hierarchy from the Judaic wisdom, we see that there are several Heavens, Earths, but each of them has an Ascended Master as Ruler. Judaic wisdom details this Divine Hierarchy as well as other esoteric knowledge, mysteries of the Divine Creation.

The following kingdoms after Elevated Masters would be the Angelic Kingdom and the Nature Kingdom. The vibration levels of each kingdom differ as well as their purpose. Humans are part of Ascended Masters Realm; they are perceived as sons and daughters of God and they highlight the intelligence and creativity of God. The Angelic realm highlights the divine virtues. Then we have the Nature Kingdom which gave form to the God's creation in physical plane. The Nature Spirits coordinate the 4 elements: water, fire, air and earth. All these Spirits of Nature have as purpose to sustain the human life, the Planet and the Universe. The Angels do not have Free Will and they cannot create by themselves as the men can. They obey to the God's Will.

Therefore, it is said that up there, the Ascended Masters are superior to the Angels and the Spirits of Nature. The Ascended Master are One with God, and from there, they guide, protect, heal and inspire the human kind.

There are so many ascended Masters…During my readings I entered in contact with some divine Masters that I've never heard of. They were appearing to me as names, even spelled, especially the Asian ones.

In general their vibration is powerful and well shaped. You need advanced spiritual and energetic evolution in order to perceive directly their energies. The Ascended Masters can be spiritual guides for some people. They act like guardian angels with the difference that they had a human life and the angels did not. As Spiritual guides, they stay with you for your entire life; they help you in your earthly tasks or spiritual path. So, there are people who have among guardian angels also spiritual guides, acting as guardian angels.

Some Ascended Masters can join you for a limited period of time, as well as other angels, for specific purposes and then live. Others may follow, according to your spiritual needs related to the specific tasks covered by these masters. They make their presence known to you when you work on something which enters within their specialty.

I am a person which received divine guidance (unearthly one) most of the spiritual journey. I have worked closely with God, with my guardian angels, archangels and my spiritual guides : King Solomon, Saint John the Evangelist, Moses, Prophet Ezekiel, Kind David and Saint Nicholas. It will be a great pleasure for me to share with you some of my personal experiences with these Great Ascended Masters. I hope you will understand their way of working, their great individual personalities. I do not perceive them energetically and informationally but as wise teachers very closed to me.

King Solomon is a powerful presence. His messages are clear and straight to the point. I met King Solomon in my reading, at the beginnings, very often until I found out that he is my spiritual guide, that he was with me for many lives and that we know each other since he was human, incarnated in King Solomon and I was a Spirit at that time. During my studies, I found different information about the same thing and then, Solomon was interfering showing me which one is for me. When I faced hard times trying to understand deep esoteric information, I was feeling Solomon near me, guiding me toward more accessible readings. It happened to read a book from which I did not understand one specific phrase. I asked the wise Solomon to help me and he guided me toward few books which gave me the necessary information to understand that specific phrase. My guide Solomon is overseeing my spiritual evolution assuring that I am not diverted from my spiritual course. I thank him for that, for showing me the main lines I have to follow in order to stay on my path.

The Prophet Ezekiel is behaving exactly as he was expressing his revelations. I consider Ezekiel and St John the Evangelist two of the most mysterious prophets, if we think of their abstract ways of describing their revelations. While I was studying the Heavenly Kingdom, I noticed that Ezekiel's vision was given as an example very often, but the Christian writings were not clear enough for me in explanations.

Therefore I turned to Ezekiel which asked me to read few times his revelations; then he sent me to different books from the Judaic wisdom, and then back to the revelations from the Bible, until I had a better idea about his description. One day, I was thinking how come me, a person based on logic, to receive such abstract guides such as Ezekiel and St John the Evangelist (creator of the Revelation)? And then, Ezekiel told me very simple that he will be with me for the rest of my life and that I will have to learn to understand his way of expressing himself and that he can explain things only using the abstract. Well, he is very dear to me and I can't wait to take again the challenge of understanding the Great Prophet Ezekiel.

King David is in Spirit exactly like he was described in the Bible: with an infinite love toward God, the Father. King David urged me to read and study the Psalms. Many mysteries to which I had access through my guides reach also to the Psalms. One day, after a long period of studying and using Psalms, King David rewarded me with a great gift: he helped me to write a Thanking Psalm addressed to the Father, to God. I was so happy to know I have my Psalm that I can read anytime I want to say "thank you" to my Father, for everything I receive. I want to thank also King David for this great surprise and I want him to know that I love working with him. He is a great teacher.

Saint John beloved by Jesus, or The Evangelist or the Apostle has a peculiar kindness. I was worried to have two abstract guides such as Ezekiel and St John. But after working with Saint John, I can say that he has a reassuring way of explaining things. I remember myself blocked in different spiritual concepts during my learning process. Nothing was clear in my mind and I felt I have to call him to enlighten me. He answered immediately telling me: "You are human as I was, with all the usual limits. Read the information in a very simple, relaxed way; leave them time to arrange within your mind; do not look for their apparent complexity. Their simplicity and their deep understanding will be revealed to you at the right time. You just read them, like that…just to have an idea. And call me -My dear Saint John." He is very gentle and he gives you confidence to keep working. Saint John is very dear to my soul because he reminds me that I am a child who needs to learn in steps and that we all passed through this process. It is hard to believe (if we think of his "Revelation"), but he is balancing the information I receive from Solomon and Ezekiel.

I communicate a lot with the Father, I feel much closed to Him and most of my spiritual guides and guardian angels are related directly to Him. Moses is in my life from as long as I can remember. I feel his presence clearly. I always felt attracted by Moses, from all religious representatives, but only few years ago I found the reason why. While studying the Old Testament, his name came into my mind suddenly and persistently. I wrote to him and he answered me instantly (I use automatic writing). I can't feel his energy directly. It is too powerful. One day, like always, I was studying some mysteries referring to God - Father and I was stuck in some necessary details. Actually I was receiving information, but I did not know how to use that information and in which order. I stopped my studies, it was late and I thought that it would be so nice to receive some help. In that night I had a dream about Moses - so powerful that I could not sleep anymore for the rest of the night.

I saw only his harsh face, long white hair and white beard - close to the picture above, but more hasty. The wind was coming from his back and from lateral sides……and he started to pronounce the words I received during the day, in a specific order. I couldn't hear his voice but the words were getting out of his mouth written with letters of fire. I was very impressed by this dream and only Solomon can compete with Moses in such powerful, vivid dreams.

Later, during Doreen Virtue's class, I met one of her staff members, a crystalin entity who was able to get in contact directly with the energy of Moses. During the energetic transfer from Moses to me, through this person, I felt the same fire, but as energy. Moses told me then it is time to develop on a specific direction which can allow me to get in contact directly with his energy, through the transcendental chakras. Also, then, Moses introduced himself as the Chief Coordinator of my Spiritual Guides. We were both impressed. I feel so honored to work with such a powerful Ascended Master.

The Holy Hierarch Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, it is a real wonder maker. No matter what I ask, he brings the miracle into my life. He always tells me that he is for me the door towards the other Saint Fathers. I visited a house of my family, in which nobody had lived for a long time and I found there one Icon of Saint Nicholas. I was not able to leave the house until I did not take the icon. While I was keeping it in my hands I experienced that infinite love and inner peace and gratitude. I took the icon with me at home, I cleaned it and I wanted to offer it to my father who's name is Nicholas, but Saint Nicholas told me clearly that he wants to stay in my room, on a specific place, near the window. It was the only wall without an icon in my room. I respected his wish and since then, I feel safe and secure seeing the North side of my house protected by Saint Nicholas. Nothing can pass over him.

The Ascended Masters are always near you when you call them, but they have a different communication style than the Archangels. The Ascended Masters use the power of example. I fell honored to follow their guidance because I trust them.

After all, what better teachers you can have than the one who experienced miracles and who were mentioned in the sacred books that you read or study?