The Third Triad

The Third Triad is the closer to humanity than the other superior ones. The angels representing the third Triad are the fastest and most direct messengers of God. And here we have Principalities, Archangels and Angels Choirs.

The PRINCIPALITIES represent an authority within the third Triad, being some kind of Princes of the Power of God. They oversee and protect all nations from the world, all towns as well as the religions and politics in the world. The angels of this order raise worthy people to various honorable offices and direct them so that they take power not for the sake of their own gain and benefit, nor for the sake of vain fame, but for the sake of honor from God, for the sake of spreading and augmenting of His holy glory, and for the sake of the benefit of their neighbors - as serving the general needs of all their subordinates.

Principalities frequently receive permission to have direct dealings with mortals, have the ability to move the hearts and minds of mortals and perform miracles.

Among all these, they coordinate the two inferior choirs from the Third Triad, as leaders of this Triad. The Principalities appear to collaborate, in power and authority with the Powers.

St. Thomas says of them: "The execution of the angelic ministrations consists in announcing divine things. Now, in the execution of any action there are beginners and leaders; this, the leadership, belongs to the Principalities."

Principalities are shown wearing a crown and carrying a sceptre. They can be identified by clairvoyant as light rays.

The ARCHANGELS are known as chief angels, overseeing the angels' activity. In general, the Archangels are perceived by clairvoyants as huge colored spheres of light. But they can appear also as normal angels in bigger dimensions. The ARCHANGELS are called the great heralds of good news, announcing the great and most glorious. Their service (as the great Dionysius the Aeropagite says) consists in revealing prophecies, knowledge, and understanding of God's will which they receive from the higher orders of angels and announce these to the lower order, i.e. the angels, and through them, to humans. St Gregory the Dialogist says that the archangels strengthen people in the holy faith, enlightening their mind with the light of knowledge of the holy Gospel and revealing the mysteries of devout faith.

We may say that the Archangels are rather an elite group of angels; some of them are near the Holy Throne of God as seraphim or cherubim and even among the other „superior" angelic choirs. Ten of these Archangels also manifest the essences of God and we find them as the „Ten Holy Sefiroth". So, they are Angels with special purpose given beyond that of their actual Order/Choir.

As I mentioned before, the Archangels oversee the activity of the angels but they also have special tasks, related also with their names. There are hundreds of Archangels, but only few are known. I have detailed on this website 15 of these Archangels that I am working with. You may find there what their tasks are, how they look like, what kind of energy they have and what personal experiences I had with them.

Among these hundreds of Archangels, there are two special ones, which were first humans and then, they were raised to heaven, while alive and transformed into Archangels by the Will of God. I refer to Patriarch Enoch who became Archangel Metatron and to the Prophet Elijah who because the Archangel Sandalfon. They have not experienced the human "death" yet. But it is said that before the Second Coming of the Christ, both Metatron and Sandalfon will descend on Earth and will fight against Satan. They will be killed but their death will be followed in three days by their resurrection, made by Messiah, proving in this way that Satan is not the Christ as he will proclaim himself but the Antichrist, because he will not able to bring them back to life.

We meet angels and Archangels in all religions of the world. But the most known Archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. I can say from my personal experience that the Archangels are working directly with humans and that they are ready any time to offer their support, when we ask for it.

The ANGELS are the lowest of all the orders in the heavenly hierarchy and the closest to humans. The origin of their name is from the Greek word "angelos" and it means messenger.

They are the ones most concerned with the affairs of the living things. They announce the lesser mysteries and intentions of God and teach people to live virtuously and righteously before God. They are appointed to guard each of us who believe: they sustain virtuous people from fallen, and never leave us though we have sinned, but are always ready to help us, if only we ourselves want it.

We have angels which work with specific Archangels being specialized according to the specific of that Archangel, i.e. healing band of angels working together with Archangel Raphael. There are also angels specialized in clearing energetically places or people, in protecting against demonic forces or cutting fears, working closely with Archangel Michael.

There are also angels with specific tasks, as: angel of love, angel of prosperity, angels of the candle (when you use a candle, its angel is protecting the place where the candle is). There are also the guardian angels which are approached separately on this website.

They appear as tall humans, white, with wings. The angels, like all the other orders, follow only the Will of God and can be asked for help only for honest purposes, not for bringing damages to other people.