About the Angelic Hierarchy

The angels were created by God from nothing, before humans, and they are holy spirits, without body. The angels of light obey God's Will. The seventh Patriarch after Adam and the great grandfather of Noah, Enoch - who was raised to Heavens and had divine revelations - is talking about myriads and myriads of angels. We will see that Enoch and the Prophet Elijah were taken from Earth by God and were transformed into the Archangels Metatron and Sandalfon.

There are various works on angels available, since ancient times until today and various concepts of these angelic choirs according to different knowledge forms and religions. But only God knows the exact sacred hierarchy of angels, their number and their specific tasks.

One thing is sure: all angels are part of different angelic choirs using different names. We will call all of them angels because all of them are in the service of God. During different researches, we will find various names and hierarchies of these wonderful beings. It happened to me and I asked my divine guides about this. I didn't know which information is correct or necessary for me. Then, my spiritual divine masters explained me that this kingdom is highly complex as structure, that the angels may be part of different choirs in the same time, under different names and with various tasks, and that I may find myself in apparently contradictory situations. In this case, they advised me to remember that I receive the information I need according to my earthly tasks, and that even if I see different information about the same thing, they are all correct and part of a more complex plane. They assured me that they will guide me through what I need to know, in order to maintain a clear and accessible path for my personal spiritual development.

Therefore, when I approach the angelic choirs, I do this according to what I was guided to present. If you are guided to start a deeper research, you will find these angelic choirs differently named or ordered, with some additional ones or missing ones, according to the sources you find. But as you start approaching divine mysteries, you will be aware of the fact that there are a lot of interconnections between worlds and choirs and entities and orders, names and tasks.

Let's pass nice and easy through the angelic choirs: to see who they are, how many and with what specific tasks.

The Angels Hierarchy is broken down into 3 triads, each of them containing 3 choirs. So there are 9 angelic choirs with different tasks according to the special gifts they received from God. The first Triad is the highest and the third one is the lowest.