Subtle Entities

On the subtle realms we can meet different categories of entities, with different vibrations. The Kingdom of Heaven is structured in a more complex way than us, humans, can perceive; the only thing we could do is to have a general picture of these unseen worlds. The various religions of our world approach different portions of these complex unseen kingdoms, and while studying them, we may discover how different concepts bring additional aspects to one another instead of excluding themselves.

I will limit to briefly present you the kingdoms' people I contact more often and I will try to introduce them to you in a simple, accessible way, just to have an idea about them.

I will give you information about the Ascended Masters, Angelic Choirs and Nature Spirits. I will also share with you info related to the deceased loved ones. When we develop our psychic senses or the sixth sense, we open the doors toward unseen worlds and we can meet different Beings, therefore it is important to be aware of these aspects.

There are many writings approaching in detail these marvelous worlds and I invite you to follow your call or vocation and to initiate a deeper research when necessary.