skype session

I deliver the messages as they come, without any content changes, because I am only an intermediary channel. As I already mentioned within the site, these divine subtle entities may offer you helpful advices about how to improve your life, but they will never impose a specific action. You, through the Law of Free Will, can change the course of your life.

If you are under 18, you are not allowed to require my services, in any form. Accessing soul energy is allowed only at the special request of the client. You can receive information about other people only if the divine entities consider helpful for you, at a specific time.

If you are a parent and you want to receive information about your child, you may ask questions on a general level and only regarding what you should do in order to offer a better support to your child, to have a better parenting involvement (advices for a parent). You cannot put questions in order to find the future of your child or things he/she does without your knowledge. The same is available for other people than yourself (your parents, friends or relatives).

I respect the Divine Lay which asks me to receive the permission of a client for a specific reading. By sending orders to me, you give me the permission to make the reading for you.

The information exchange is strictly confidential. It is up to you to pass them on to other people. The Ethic does not allow me to unveil the information related to you to any third person.

The Skype session consists in a Skype or facebook messenger meeting, where you can bring topics of personal interest, aligned to the principles specified above. They may be related to your daily or spiritual life. I do not offer readings regarding health condition. I will answer attuning to your energies and to your spiritual guides. Remember, we cannot address questions related to other people. You can address as many questions as our 30 minutes time allows us.