The Inner Child

Inner child is a concept you may have heard many times. It keeps memories from your childhood and in the same time is a divine emotional manifestation situated in your heart. Imagine you are the adult and you have your physical body but, in the same time, you have also your inner child who is mostly energetic, and also your energetic body.

The inner child is a guardian of all your traumas, issues, fears you may have had during childhood that you thought you forgot…or not. He is acting exactly as a child. When you, the adult are upset, your inner child is also feeling that sadness but deeper, without any protection. If someone hurts you somehow, your inner child is sensing this hurt as a child would do: intensely. When you are a perfectionist in terms of pressing with high demands and critics on yourself, you actually put your inner child under pressure. Also, when you say "I shall not be able to do that" on spiritual aspects, you may block your inner child to manifest openness in your elevating process. When you are stressed, closed in your own world, imagine your inner child sitting alone in a corner, without talking to anyone. But when you laugh, socialize, love yourself for who you are with your good and bad parts, when you forgive yourself for the mistakes you may have made ( because no one is perfect), you actually open a door to a healthy relationship between yourself and your inner child. Try to see your inner child as your own child who needs to be nurtured, cared for and loved.

Think about your inner child before blaming yourself for any reasons!

As I mentioned above, your inner child is keeping all memories which affected you during your childhood at high or low intensity. These memories remain at your subconscious level and have impact over your present life, even if you as adult do not realize that. For example, if your parents had a tumultuous marriage, with conflicts, tension, you, the child of that time felt those tensions, kept them and had brought them at subconscious level, with you in time, until now. And now, maybe you are very interested in having a serious relation or to get married and have children. It is important to heal these memories of your past in order to be able to follow your path in life. But, in order to heal something, you need to identify those parts of you which need emotional healing. And then, you could search deeper into your heart and soul and ask your inner child to show you exactly what needs healing. And suddenly different memories will appear in your mind; they may seem childish to you - the adult - , but for the child from that time, they had a strong impact.

Also, it may happen to you to hear a song from your childhood or to smell a perfume which can make you feel very good, without knowing exactly why. Well, this happens because your inner child guards your memories and manifest the same feelings it had back in your childhood, when you were listening to that song or smelling that particular perfume. Maybe you were feeling then comfort, peace, protection, love. But it can also happen to have unpleasant feelings when you smell a perfume or hear a song, and in this situation ask your inner child to help you remember what was happening with you at that time in your past, when you were smelling the same perfume or hearing that same song. Maybe you forgot but your inner child didn't.

Another important topic related to inner child I would like to mention is the fact that your inner child can help you to develop your psychic abilities. He is functioning at energetic emotional level, and so the psychic gifts do too. The inner child is extremely sensitive to your energies or outward energies from other people or from subtle entities. Let's say that you saw in your childhood a subtle entity which scared you; in this situation your inner child blocked that memory and will refuse to help you in developing this gift, until you solve this problem. Or maybe, being a child you saw a fairy or an angel - something common to children -, you told happily and open to the adults what you saw, and maybe the adults told you this is only your imagination. Then you, the child closed this gift through your will. And since then, you see nothing. Well, now, in the present, you, the adult have to talk again to your inner child to give him courage and to explain him that what he saw was real, in order to convince him to free that negative feeling related to clairvoyance. If you are in complete harmony to your inner child, you will act together as one, and will "talk as one voice". Your inner child represents you emotional luggage.

Your inner child looks like you when you were a child. You can use visualization to see him in your heart. Try to do that and see how he is: alone, in one corner, quiet and sad? Or is he happy, full of light, relaxed? You will just know. You just need to be relaxed, open, to let all daily worries away and to set your intention to talk to your inner child.

After visualization you can ask him: "How do you feel today? What would you like me to know? How should I behave with you?" You will receive quick answers in your mind, very fast and natural, without having time to pass them through your rational part. All those things coming to your mind are your inner child's answers. Do not judge them; just take them as they come. You don't need a special preparation for this. You just need to establish your intention to talk to him.

Allow yourself 2-3 minutes every day to talk to the child who is in your heart, in your soul. You may find here some affirmations you may use for talking to your inner child in order to build a healthy relation. You need to feel these words in your soul, to believe in what you say:

"I love you, I care about you and I accept you just the way you are"

"I am so proud of you"

"I am happy that you are my inner child"

"You are so beautiful and attractive"

"You are bright, talented and creative"

"You are such a good worker"

"I am sorry I hurt you, neglected you or ignored you"

"You can trust me to take care of you, to be near you, to protect you from any pain or hurt"

"We will work at getting healthy together; we will play together and we'll have fun together"

"Make mistakes, laugh at them and carry on"

"It's ok to associate only with the people you want to associate with"

"Give and accept love from others"

"You can do what you want to do, not what you have to do"

"Be honest with others about your thoughts and feelings"

"Enjoy your work, don't repress this"

"Be happy, open, and playful, don't be scared"

"Have the freedom to make choices for yourself; don't let others tell you what you need"

"Draw your boundaries and maintain your comfort space"

"I love you and I want to talk to you always"

When you repress memories, don't talk to yourself, don't spend time with yourself or with your inner child, you may have difficulties in your every day life:

- you don't know how to play and have fun

- you don't know how to relax and to remove stress

- you don't appreciate your life, you withdraw in work

- you take everything too serious

- you feel guilty for not being good enough and you force yourself too much to reach your high demands

- you don't enjoy the children you have around

- you become suspicious on people who enjoy life, know how to live nicely and how to play

- you get lonely being afraid you are not good enough for the others

At Doreen Virtue class I noticed that she communicated mainly to our inner child. Address them directly through nice sketches, transposing deep esoteric information to messages for inner children. I overheard myself laughing as a child, with all my heart, when she introduced us to the nature spirits or to methods used by our angels to get to us. But actually, Doreen found the easiest and fastest method to reach us. Because when our inner child became receptive, we became receptive as a hole and our divine gifts manifestation was very powerful; we did not force anything, we had no fears of failure, therefore we did not block ourselves in practicing our psychic abilities. We accepted entirely to enter into a subtle complex world, with confidence, optimism and without judgments, exactly as children do.

When you don't allow your inner child to manifest, it is similar with having a child and punishing him to stay in the corner, and saying to him:" Look at the other children who are playing; you are not allowed to do that; you will just stay here alone and nobody will come to talk to you." My example is very sad, but I saw very often inner children into my clients' hearts, being alone, sad, quiet, while the adults were facing issues, frustrations without rational reasoning.

It is extremely important to be aware of the existence of your inner child, to think about him. It is important to know that this part of you needs to be also into the light, to be free and peaceful, not repressed and in the darkness. You need to be in harmony with yourself. Ask your inner child to help you see what he needs, to manifest freely and allow him to show you the truth about yourself. You will see wonderful changes in your life, at both physical and spiritual levels.