Remember your Lemurian past

during this 2 day experiencial workshop

with Ramona Popescu,

ascension / galactic / spiritual explorer




2012 is a fabulous opportunity for everyone on this planet to move to enlightenment and ascension. Our wonderful planet is undergoing massive changes by raising its energies very rapidly from the third to the fifth dimension. Very soon it will resonate as a fifth dimensional planet and play its integral part in evolution by shining its wonderful light and vibrations into the Universe.

The Lemurians knew that this would be a pivotal time in the Earth’s evolution and so they left crystals in the Earth for us to use to magnify healing energy for the use of our planet.The Lemurian age was a golden age similar to Atlantis, however while the Atlanteans were mind and technology based, the Lemurians were heart based, harmonious and highly developed spiritually.



Lemurians were able to draw down the light and love of Source through the cosmic heart and project it into the earth.

They seeded the earth with crystals which were programmed to hold the highest vibration for our use now - at this cusp of cosmic opportunity and change. They worked collectively as one energy source. The power of this collective energy created a vast healing light force which worked throughout the universe to heal all levels. When we raise our vibration we can attune to this energy and work collectively to heal our planet, ourselves and beyond. The Lemurian crystals remind us how to express our individuality while serving the greater good, how to find completeness within ourselves and yet experience the wholeness of being one with all that is.


The subjects covered during the module will include:

On this course we will:

Learn about Lemurian civilisation and how to attune to the powerful Lemurian healing energy

Learn about dimensions

Learn about the Lemurian crystals – how they were formed, how to connect and work with them

Use the crystals in healing and work with the crystals in the earth.

Attune to the Cosmic Heart

Connect with Mother Mary and the our Unicorns

Travel back to Lemuria

Learn Lemurian planetary, group and self healing, with the use of the crystals and using crystals within the Earth

To tune into the four ascension planets, stars and galaxies

To ground, attune, protect and invoke as a must in working with higher dimensions.


Who should participate:

If you have a deep love of nature, then this workshop is the place for you.If you feel drawn to Lemuria, then let’s meet and work together with fifth dimensional healing energies. If you are initiated in healing of any kind, then you have a chance to experience a very powerful healing energy offered to the planet with the help of Beings of fifth dimension and above.


WhenIf you are interested in attending to this workshop in your area, please let me know on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Where : Bucharest or abroad

Cost : 200 EURO

Registration : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Limited participants.