Mother Mary

All religions of the world know about Mother Mary or Virgin Mary. And it is advisable to know something about an entity before sending her a prayer. In this way, the power of the prayer will be higher, because you will involve your soul more than usually and because your faith will be more powerful.

Mother Mary is considered by the Christian religion above any other being created by God: seen or unseen. She is the Mother of Jesus- Son of God, the Queen of Heavens, of the Angels, above Seraphim and Cherubim. She is praying to Jesus continuously for our forgiveness and it is said that Jesus Christ cannot refuse anything to Her.

For those who just heard about Mother Mary or know only details highlighted in religious movies, I will try to bring here details from Her early life; details about Her birth and childhood. There is a book written by Archimandrite Nicodim Mandita about the life of Mother Mary. I consider that this book is presenting the Life of Mother Mary in the most passionate way, covering all moments of Her life, not only those when Jesus Christ came into Her life, by His incarnation.

Many books have been written about the Holy and Righteous Parents of Mother Mary: Joachim and Anna. Saint Joachim was a descendant of King David the Psalmist, while Saint Anna was the daughter of Matthan of the tribe of Levi as Aaron, the priest and the brother of Moses, which we all know. Saint Anna was the aunt of Elisabeth, the mother of the Holy Prophet, Saint John the Baptist.

Saints Joachim and Anna were highly faithful people, loving God most of all and even if they were wealthy, they were also very merciful, bountiful, living an honest and pure life, which was very rare for rich people. But they had a big sadness in their life, because as becoming older, they were not having children. And in those times, people without children were considered somehow punished by God, for who knows what hidden grave sins. And for this reason, their places in the temple (the church at that time) were always on the back and their offerings were received in the end, after all the offerings made by other people with children. Also, no one was eating with them at the same table. And the holy parents Joachim and Anna were sending many prayers to God for having a child, with a lot of sadness.

Once, during a holy feast, The Righteous Joachim dared to offer his sacrifice to God before the other people having children and then, the bishop told him in front of everyone: "We are not allowed to receive your offerings from your childless hands, because you are sterile, without children, so God blessless, due to who knows what hidden heavy sins. Wait then and make your offerings in the end, after all people with children, according to our religious orders."

And then the others with children humiliated Saint Joachim with hard words : "Why you, a childless man, dare to offer your sacrifices in front of God, before us - people with children? You do not see how worthless you are offering your sacrifices, as you are not able to leave Israeli descendants, as we do?"

After this painful incident, the Righteous Joachim was in a deep sadness and he went to the desert, far away from people, to alleviate his sorrow; he spent some time alone, crying in front of God, asking Him to help him to have children and to lessen the humility from the Temple. In the meantime, Saint Anna was at home, alone, praying on her turn to God, to give them children.

In one of these grieving days, while Saint Anna was praying to God with tears in her eyes asking for a miracle, the Archangel Gabrielle was sent by God to tell her: "Anna, Anna, God heard your prayer. Your heart's sobs crossed the skies and the Heavens and your tears reached to God. Look, you will conceive and give birth to a Daughter most blessed, by whom all the nations of the earth will be blessed, and through whom the salvation of the world will come. The name of your daughter will be MARY."

After that, the Archangel Gabrielle revealed to the suffering Joachim, up there in the desert mountain, telling him:" Be happy Joachim and cheer up! I was sent to bring you peace and consolation. I am The Angel of God and I came to announce you a great happiness. Your woman will conceive and give birth to a Virgin. She will be the most chosen among all virgins and earthly women, because she will conceive and give birth to the Universal King, the Son of the Living God, the God's Word. So, leave the sorrow and the pain of your soul because God heard your prayer. Trust my words and give thanks to God." Then, Archangel Gabrielle sent to Saint Joachim the message to go to the Golden Gate of the Jerusalem temple to meet his wife Anna who received the same news.

And in this way God's work defeated the nature, unbinding sterility, and He gave Virgin Mary as a child to the Righteous Joachim and Anna.

The divine birth of the Holy Virgin Mary brought happiness on both Earth and Heavens. The angels, seeing the holy powerful gifts that God gave to the newly born child, were wondering about who is this miracle, coming into the world so powerful and divinely gifted. They were saying: "She is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, joy of angels and people's consolation."

Virgin Mary was taken to the Temple around the age of three, in fulfillment of a vow made by Her parents to God,to be educated in preparation for Her role as Mother of God. The Chief Priest Zachariah welcomed the humbled little three year old Mary and, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he led Her directly into the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies was the most sacred place in the temple and no one had the right to enter but the chief priest once a year. But the Holy Spirit enlightened the chief priest with the knowledge that Mary, the chosen young girl, was worthy to enter the most sacred place and to send prayers to God.

Virgin Mary spent twelve years in the temple, praying to God, studying the Holy Scriptures as well as doing handwork. She was giving out her daily meal to the poor, because she was fed by angels on special food, unseen by people. She was spending time alone in the Holy of Holies praying to God most of the time. One day, chief priest Zachariah entered into the Holy of Hollies and was amazed and happy to see angels of God giving food to Virgin Mary and talking to her.

In those times, you were more respected as a wife than as a virgin and Virgin Mary was reading the book of Prophet Isaiah in which it was written:" A virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel". Then, humbled, Virgin Mary was thinking how glorified the chosen Virgin will be and how happy she would be if she was chosen at least as a humble servant of the chosen Virgin.

When Virgin Mary reached the age of fourteen, it was necessary for Her to leave the Temple. She either had to go back to Her parents or to get married. But Joachim and Anna were already reposed by that time and the priests wanted to give Her in marriage. Virgin Mary explained to them Her vow to God - to remain forever virgin. This was an unique case for the priests because they were forced to follow the Law of God, but in the same time they were afraid to force a virgin to break her vow in front of God. Therefore they prayed for guidance from God. The God's answer was to look for a worthy man to take care of Her and of Her virginity, as Her husband for people's eyes. So they chose 12 men without wives. The priests asked for their canes and placed them in the Holy of Holies waiting for God to give a sign about his chosen man for the Virgin Mary. The cane of the 84 year old Joseph was found covered in green and with a dove above it, removing any doubts about the Will of God.

Virgin Mary was very sad and worried because She didn't want to risk unbinding Her holy vow in front of God, but the priests announced Her about God's decision and about the fact that She will be formally engaged to the octogenarian widower Joseph, who promised to care for Her and to protect Her virginity.

While living in the house of the Good Saint Joseph which was a widower and with children, Mary was spending Her time in loneliness, praying to God most of the time and studying God's Scriptures, the Psalms and the prophecies. Her life was humble and solitary.

But God decided to formally marry Virgin Mary to the good old Joseph for many reasons. God knew that the Evil was searching among virgins since the Prophet Isaiah had sent his prophecy into the world:" A virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel". Therefore, the formal marriage between Virgin Mary and Joseph was protecting Virgin Mary against any Evil's suspicions. Also, in those times, children born outside of the wedlock were not accepted in Jewish congregations and did not have equal rights in society such as other children. Therefore, God chose Joseph to protect and educate His Son. The Good man Joseph was a respectable, pure, humble and hardworking person, worthy to look after Jesus during childhood. God also thought about Virgin Mary and Her life afterhaving a child without a husband. In those times, She would have been run down by the society.

The Son of God needed a drop of human blood, from Virgin Mary's body, in order to incarnate. And God took care of Virgin Mary and prepared Her for this holy work, during Her entire life. But her consent was necessary. So God sent Archangel Gabrielle to the Holy Virgin Mary with the glorious news that the Lord had chosen Her to be the mother of the Savior of the World and to ask for her consent. God always respects the Law of Free Will and does not impose His Will on us.

While the Virgin was praying to God, with the Holy Scripture by Her side, Archangel Gabrielle revealed to Her and said: "Rejoice, who art full of grace, the Lord is with Thee: blessed art Thou among women." The Virgin Mary was afraid of this glorious bright appearance and was troubled by those special words pronounced by the Angel of God. Full of joy, Archangel Gabrielle told Her: "Fear not, Mary; for Thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, Thou shalt conceive in Thy womb, and bring forth a Son, and shalt call His name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest, and He shall reign for ever."

But the Holy Virgin was far too worried because She was very modest, She was feeling too small and unworthy and, most of all, She knew She made a vow in front of God to remain a virgin for the rest of Her life. Then She said to Archangel Gabrielle: ""How can that be, since I know not a man?"

But then, invested by the power of God, Archangel Gabrielle bended respectfully as in front of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, brought comfort into Her soul and revealed to Her this holy secret: "The Holy Spirit shall come upon Thee, and the power of the Most-high shall overshadow Thee; therefore, accordingly, that Holy One which shall be born of Thee shall be called the Son of God…"

Then Mary humbly answered, "Behold the servant of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word". During the creation of the world, when God said:"So be it", the Universe was created. When the Virgin said: „So be it", the Holy Spirit descended Her and She conceived the Word of God. Thus, under the most modest circumstances, the greatest miracle in the history of mankind happened! Here the Infinite joined the finite; the Light, unapproachable to Angels, descended into the Virgin's womb! Entering into Her body, The Word of God took Himself a body with rational soul from Her blood.

When the righteous aged Joseph learned that Mary was expecting a child, he was scandalized, assuming that something had gone very wrong. The Jewish law required that unfaithful wives to be stoned to death without mercy. But God revealed to Joseph not to be afraid of what had happened and to be kind to Mary. The Angel of God appeared to Joseph in his sleep and told him that Mary would bear a Son through the action of the Holy Spirit, just as the Lord God had predicted through the prophet Isaiah (Is 7:14) and the Angel commanded Joseph to give Him the name "Jesus" Savior - because He shall save people from their sins. Therefore, the righteous Joseph took care of Virgin Mary and of little Jesus untill the last day of his life, wittnessing Jesus' birth and how Mother Mary remained Virgin Mary after giving birth to the holy child.

I invite you to read more about Mother Mary, about Athos Mountain, also called "The Holy Mountain" or "The Garden of Virgin Mary", about the miracles Mother Mary made during Her holy life or after leaving this world, and in this way you will know Her better and your prayers to Her will be more powerful.

For me, Mother Mary is very special. She is Herself a miracle, and praying to Her is like bringing this miracle into your life. You can cry near Her when you feel like it, to share your problems, to ask Her to help you, to protect you. You will feel Her standing near you and listening to you. You can also please Her by reading litanies. You can ask Her to choose Her favorite litanies. You will see that what She chooses is what you need. It is nice to share with Mother Mary your happiness also, not only your sorrow. And don't forget to thank Her when you ask for something.

The first time when I read a litany, it was one dedicated to Mother Mary. It was very hard for me, it seemed complicated, long, the words were getting out with mistakes, but I was determined to do this. I kept reading that social litany for two weeks, every day and in time, my reading was improving, as I was starting to understand also the content of this special prayer. I was also going to a monastery, and sitting near Her miraculous Icon, I was asking with my own words to help me on this or that. But each time when I arrived near the icon, I was realizing that I had never visited Her just to say thank you or to bring Her a flower.

In the following period, I met a light worker who told me at the first meeting that she has a message for me from Mother Mary. Mother Mary was encouraging me to keep reading Her litanies, because she is amused of "my tangled style of reading". The light worker didn't understand what that was all about, but for me, that message meant a lot. It gave me courage and faith. I understood that even if I am not experienced, my prayers are heard by Mother Mary and that She appreciates my intention to communicate to Her, rather than a litany read in a professional way. And I want to thank Mother Mary for encouraging me and for accepting my mistakes with so much kindness and love. I love Her with all my heart.

While I was exercising on clairvoyance, She was the first face I saw with my third eye. It helped me a lot to see a familiar face and it gave me courage to keep trying and to not get scared.

Mother Mary loves flowers. If you have Her icon within your house, it would be nice to put flowers there. A special relation is built in steps and becomes more and stronger in time. Another way to please Mother Mary would be to sit near Her and to read a litany dedicated to Her Righteous Parents Joachim and Anna, who had such hard times before bringing Her into the world.

In the different messages received from Mother Mary for myself or for other people, She is addressing things from mother to mother or from mother to child; She gives Herself as an example for mothers suffering for their children; She sends helping advices for bringing more good to your children as a parent. Also she reprimands, helps, elevates you, protects and teaches you how to make things.

Every time when you make a prayer to Mother Mary, know that She is hearing you.