There are many religions in this world, each of them with its own dogma. I have studied the Christian concepts, but while I was advancing in my studies under divine guidance I discovered other religious concepts also. There are people who consider that their religion is the best, that their God is the "True One". My personal opinion concluded from all studies and researches I have made is that there is One God for all of us, no matter how we name Him. I had the opportunity to meet and learn together with people from all over the world, adepts of different religions. All of them were resonating to the name "God". And all of them were working with angels or archangels, even if some were closer to specific Beings of Light known better by their cult. Also, all of them were working with Ascended Masters, with the ones know by their culture. Once, I have received a message for an Asian colleague from US. In that message there was mentioned a name that I've never heard before, an Asian name that it had to be spelled for me. It was Kuan Yin - an extremely powerful Goddess from Asian Cults. So I've learnt that even if I am not working on a regular basis with some Beings of Light, it does not mean they don't exist or they are not real.

One day, while I was meditating to this wonderful diversity created by God, I had the revelation of a mountain. At the base of the mountain,  I saw many people but, as they were climbing the mountain, they were less and less. Then, I had a first idea about what it means diversity in religions, dogmas and ancient mysteries. Then, my divine guides helped me to find a book in which I found my revelation "written on paper in a more specific way". In the book it was written about a mountain - my mountain - at the base of which are placed all religions, each one with its own dogma. All these religions aim to one God. And representatives of these religions started to climb the mountain in order to reach to the top. But there is only one peak. And each of them was ascending on a side of the mountain, experiencing different landscapes, and being sure that all are sharing the same views. But during ascension, people leave the dogmas addressed to the large masses of people and get access to esoteric knowledge, mysteries, revelations, contacts with subtle worlds; they become aware of the benefits of the diversity created by God in this world. So, while they are ascending the mountain they have access to more and more landscapes from the other sides of the mountain until they reach to the top, where they see the entire picture. And they understand that even if they were seeing different landscapes, all of them reached to the same peak of the mountain: The Unique Source of all, God…I thanked my guides for their help in completing my revelation.

It is important to understand the specific of each religion and to see what development paths you may add in order to reach a complex personal development. For example, the Christian are focused on prayers and on helping "their brothers". The Asian religions are focused on personal spiritual development and they will help you on meditation methods. It is idealistic to mix these two evolving systems. They complement each other.

When you get in touch with this healthy diversity in religions, you start being aware of the Divine Plan, consisting in puzzle pieces united in a perfect Whole. From my point of view, the religions help us to arrive at the base of the mountain while the divine guidance and your openness toward it help you to climb the mountain and to discover a blessing diversity which leads you to spiritual development.

At soul level there are no dogmas or religions, but only the Truth.

On my spiritual evolving process, I have learnt one lesson, coming to me in various ways :" Take what you need from what you receive and move on to your personal development path. Allow diversity to help you, not to block you. Do not impose your believes to others, just share. Respect the other 's path but be open to interconnections."

Every religion helps you to discover Divinity in an unique way. At the beginning, you search for Divinity outside. While you are climbing the mountain, you understand that Divinity is within. You are a Divine Essence, beyond any religion. Discover the Divinity within and let your Light shine!