7 Chakras

The Earth connection, stillness, survival, the world of matter and the Life Force or Kundalini reside in the first chakra.

1. ROOT / BASE CHAKRA or "Muladhara"

Location: the base of our spine

Color: red

Element: Earth, mineral kingdom

Sense: smell

Endocrine gland: adrenal glands

Crystals: agate, garnet, red coral, smoky quartz

Musical Note: C

Mantra: LAM

Details: Through this chakra we can make our earthly life as heaven or hell. The root chakra helps us to adapt our spiritual life to our earthly life. When the chakra is balanced, we are living in present, with our "feet on the ground"; we feel safe, secure, we love being human, we have a financial security and we manifest openness toward the abundance which is surrounding us. All our earthly needs (family, home, work) are satisfied, flowing in a continuous and pleasant way. When there is tension on this chakra, we feel unsecure, lost and it seems like we can't get anything from what we need. At physical level we can identify tension in our root chakra through different negative manifestations, such as: constipation or weight issues. Our body becomes unable to eliminate the daily quantity of food received for survival.

At this chakra level we find also the survival instinct. Here we have energetically located the primary instincts.

The Water connection, movement, creativity, pleasure and sexuality reside in the second chakra.

2. SACRAL / NAVEL CHAKRA or "Swadhisthana"

Location: lower abdomen to navel area

Color: orange

Element: water, plant kingdom

Sense: taste

Endocrine gland: gonads

Crystals: citrine, carnelian, moonstone

Musical Note: D

Mantra: VAM

Details: The sacral or navel chakra governs sexuality, movement, creativity, emotions, fear, anger, feeding instinct and all our perceptions related to food and sexuality. This is where all of our feelings and emotions live energetically. Our self-esteem and sense of how we are loved and unloved also reside here. Our anger clogs this chakra. Like water, it gives us movement to come out of our shelter and create. When balanced with our other chakras, we can all have a normal healthy sex life, full of creativity. When out of balance, it can cause one to be terribly frigid or grossly oversexual. If we dwell totally in this center, we can develop sexual deviations such as tendencies toward rape, molestation or other unpleasant experiences.

The Fire connection, the will, power or weakness, "to create" or "to destroy" - all of them reside in the third chakra.

3. SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA or "Manipura"

Location: between the navel and the chest

Color: yellow

Element: fire, animal kingdom

Sense: sight

Endocrine gland: pancreas, liver

Crystals: tiger eyes, yellow topaz and citrine

Musical Note: E

Mantra: RAM

Details: This chakra is governing the individual power, the intellect, the will, the ego projections, the vital energies and the freedom to behave as you wish. Energetically, here resides the entire amount of physical energy of the body.

The place where 72,000 nerve endings meet and connect to our adrenal glands makes you think of the fire and the power to achieve in life. We may have the creativity to create, but without the combustion of energy, our burning desires will fizzle out. If we have too much fire, we can burn ourselves out in a never-ending desire. When this point is out of balance, we transfer our personal right to decide to others for approvals, allowing them to decide for us. We may also transfer our individual power to others, through empathy. If this connection is not balanced with the sensitivity of our Heart Connection, then we become mad, full of rage, hatred and greed. If this point is functioning well, we fill our life with strength and vitality - we feel alive and we will be clear about how we express ourselves through our actions. If not - we feel sick, weak and dead to the world. Here is the place where all our unsolved emotions reside. The third chakra is linked to the self-esteem, self-discipline, ambition, courage and ethics.

This energetic center is vital to us because it is where our Earthly and Cosmic energies meet and are centered.

4. HEART CHAKRA or "Anahata"

Location: at the center of the chest

Color: green

Element: air, human kingdom

Sense: touch

Endocrine gland: thymus gland (immune system)

Crystals: rose quartz, emerald, green jade, malachite

Musical Note: F

Mantra: YAM

Details: The heart chakra governs our emotional side, love, compassion, forgiveness, the sense of time and the relationships in our life. The expansion "of the air", the satisfaction and acceptance are located here. This energetic point is connected to our thymus gland which is directly involved in immunizing our body. This gland is essential in increasing the body resistance against fatal viruses. If we can induce the Life Force to enter into this center, the heart center, then we can truly expand into the experience of infinite love. Nothing material can ever come close to that experience of loving all, forgiving all (including ourselves) and embracing our divine Infinite-Self. If this center is not balanced with the warmth and coziness of fire, we may find ourselves in a cold world of self-pity, self-commiseration, and self-denial; we could experience jealousy, sadness, resentments and difficulties in forgiving. It is important to learn to love ourselves before being able to love someone else.

The ether connection, the sound, communication and purification are linked to the throat chakra.

5. THROAT CHAKRA or "Vishuddha"

Location: at the throat

Color: light blue

Element: ether, kingdom of angels

Sense: hearing

Endocrine gland: thyroid gland

Crystals: turquoise, aquamarine, tourmaline and chalcedony

Musical Note: G

Mantra: HAM

Details: The throat chakra governs our ability to speak the truth, to hear, the conceptual ideas and the ability to express yourself and to keep your promises. The throat chakra connects to our thyroid glands, which aid in purifying our blood. Here resides the power of the word, about which Yogi Bhajan says: "The highest most effective energy on this planet is the word." When this area is clogged, we fixate on our own group or tribe and our own personal opinions and ideas; we will experience an obsessive need to control relationships and events. When it is cleansed we recognize our connection to others, become better communicators, and are open to gaining wisdom by listening to people even when we may not agree with them.

The mind connection, intuition, perception, the inner sight and the intuitive knowing reside in the sixth chakra.


Location: between and slightly above the eye brows

Color: indigo

Element: light

Sense: sixth sense

Endocrine gland: pituitary gland

Crystals: amethyst, lapis lazuli, indigo sapphire

Musical Note: A

Mantra: KSHAM

Details: the third eye chakra relates to the ability to articulate visions and inspiration, intuition and dreams. It's the command center to command all the other glands and chakras. When this chakra is not clear our awareness and focus become clouded. We may become spiritually arrogant, knowing facts about the sacred, but not practicing them.

The consciousness connection, thoughts and self realization reside in the seventh chakra.

7. CROWN CHAKRA or "Sahasrara"

Location: just inside the top of your head

Color: violet

Element: thought, Cosmic Universality

Sense: Oneness and Unity

Endocrine gland: pineal gland

Crystals: diamond, amethyst, clear crystal

Musical Note: B

Mantra: OM

Details: The crown chakra is our direct connection to spirit, higher consciousness and wisdom. When the Kundalini enters this center of consciousness, then we go beyond all thoughts, and into a state of Indescribable Wisdom and Being. This is the center of faith in the Divine as well as in inner guidance, insight into healing & devotion to the Divine. This is our doorway to the heavens, connecting us to the stars. And this is where our enlightenment and divine purpose reside. Clearing this chakra allows us to experience time as non-linear and break free from the laws of cause and effect. When the seventh chakra is clogged we mistakenly believe that we've achieved enlightenment, not realizing that we have to go further before reaching that egoless state; we feel the need to know why things happen as they do, which causes us to live in the past.