About me

I don't intend to say too much about me or my background. Usually people put a long list of specializations, to which they add many years of practice, which would definitely mean "solid grounding". I could do this also but my list would refer to business rather than spiritual aspects. I will share very few things from a highly "grounded" past that I intend to use in order to start building a future of "light". Up to the age of 33,  I practiced and I educated myself in various business fields, as part of worldwide companies active also in my country - in Romania. All these companies were and still are focused on performance. My work covered communication, marketing, sales, operational or general management, but as specialty I have always loved marketing. Because most of my tasks were implying continuous work with international management teams, I made a next step in my education - a Master in Business Administration - which allowed me to align myself professionally to the international standards. So I reached the top in education, the variety in practice and the interest in challenges.

Now, in this beautiful present, I am using the skills I have developed during my career, to explore the spiritual world as deeply as I can and to make my discoveries known, in the hope they help others.

When I extended my research on the "spiritual" area, I understood that here it does not matter too much the professional background you may have. You can be a simple individual with natural highly psychic abilities. You can be a psychic child "teaching" adults who have knowledge in the esoteric field. I could name here the crystal children and not only. Anyway, each and every individual opens his psychic abilities when the time is right and with the speed and intensity required by his spiritual purpose and past history. Here we cannot talk about special people. We are all special.

I am a spiritual explorer, that's how I define myself best, beyond any specialization I might have in the spiritual area. As much as I think I know, I always discover more and I discover myself more deeply, as a divine essence. This is an endless path of a continuous becoming. I started this spiritual journey with subtle guides: angels, archangels, elementals, ascended masters, galactic civilizations and higher aspects. They are still guiding me. When my subtle masters felt that my experiences had enough content to be shared with others, they helped me shape various projects, including this website that I love very much. This website was created in 2008, at the beginning of my spiritual journey and has not changed since then, because it's dedicated to people at the beginning of their journey. I created this website under the exclusive guidance of the angelic creations and that's why it mainly addresses aspects related to angels and archangels. The content of this website is a synthesis of my direct communications and experiences and of the works of other wonderful people. Because I started this project with the help of the angels, I dedicate this project to them, with much love.

I would like to mention an important thing here: the people do not need to depend on others in guidance and they don't have to come back all the time to someone for further information. They need to learn to follow their path alone, developing their own divine communication channels. I may share some information or support, but my highest satisfaction is to hear someone saying: "something happened", "I asked for help and I received it", "I understood the received message", "I can communicate directly to my divine guides." I had this satisfaction but I wish to have it more often.

I have asked my divine guides: "What should I share from what I received as guidance?"

And they answered: "Knowledge is immensely hard to be reached entirely by people. Each soul is following his needed path. No one could ever say he knows everything. You can help people bringing some basic information closer to them. But each and every individual will have to approach the information which seems interesting or close to his soul. Some things cannot be learned or read, you just receive them through a transformation process. This is why you cannot offer everything to other people. You cannot offer your transformation. You could not receive either things that other people receive at a deeper level. It is impossible. Each person receives his Truth and believes in it. Very often two people have different revelations about the same information. You must believe in yours and try to respect the other people's Truth because these "differences" are part of a more complex Divine Plan above the limits of human mind understanding, but which God knows. "

I invite you to discover your Truth and path!

Be Blessed!


Ramona Popescu,

ascension/galactic/spiritual explorer