Raziel, or "the Secret of God" is a Mystery School Archangel. You can visualize him in the rainbow colors or as a wise elder, with a long white beard, with a long and large coat of bright lights. He is a very understanding wise man, with a deep meaning in his words. Such as Prince Metatron, Archangel Raziel is highly involved in esoteric secrets and in the Universe mysteries. Raziel can help you to go deeply in esoteric knowledge and there is no coincidence that we find Archangel Raziel in the Tree of Life, on the Second Sephirah after Prince Metatron, manifesting Chokmah - "The Wisdom of God", representing the Cherubim Angelic Choir (the guardians of universal wisdom).

It is said that if we imagine God on His Throne of Glory, then we could see Raziel, standing so close to the Throne that he is able to hear all secrets of the Universe discussed by God . It is also said that Raziel wrote all these secrets in a book called "Sefer Raziel HaMalach" or "The Book of the Archangel Raziel", which in order to understand you need direct guidance from Archangel Raziel. When I heard about this book, I tried to find it but with no success. After a while, at the right time, I searched for this book again and I found it. I asked Archangel Raziel to help me see in that book what I need to know, to understand that esoteric wisdom. I can say that the study process of this book led me to additional research necessary for me at that time. I know that what I was able to understand at that moment is less than what I will understand in future, after going deeper in additional researches. I will come back to this book each time I pass to a next level in my personal development.

Archangel Raziel helps you to heal causes from your past manifesting as issues in the present; the present effects of past causes. Also, Archangel Raziel may show you what is the purpose of your life and what is the link between this purpose and some experiences from your past lives. He will take you on a journey of your past lives, bringing into light images of yourself from those past lives, which can help you understand things happening in the present life.

You may manifest some patterns, pleasant or unpleasant, and you want to get more details. Archangel Raziel will take you to the past, will access the memory of your soul through the Akashic Records and will take out relevant moments of your past lives which caused the present situation.

Also, and this is important, if for any reasons, you made vows in other lives which cause you problems during your present life, Archangel Raziel will help you identify them and will cancel them in all directions of time. When you make such vows like: chastity, poverty, self denial or self punishment, you create some etheric cords that you need to cut in order to release their effects. At your request, Archangel Raziel will identify the vows, will sever the cords and will undone their effects, one by one, for all people involved, in all directions of time.

You may also have different phobias or fears out of any rational reasoning that you wish to heal. Well, Archangel Raziel can help you also in this direction. He will access your Soul Memory and will adjust the frequency of your reaction toward these fears. He operates at soul level.

As I mentioned above, the aura of Archangel Raziel is a rainbow. In the past, people were spending a lot of time outdoors, in the nature, days and nights. Each ray of the solar spectrum was operating on each corresponding chakra bringing vital energy. Also the sunset colors and the stars light were helping our energy and thoughts to better connect to the subtle realms during night sleep. When people started to spend less and less time into the nature, they disconnected themselves from the rainbow healing energy from the star and Moon lights and it seems that since those times they have allowed many illnesses to manifest. One of the tasks of Archangel Raziel is to bring the rainbow light and energy in our bodies and to nourish our energetic centers. So, he will surround every chakra with its corresponding light: red for base chakra, orange for sacral chakra, yellow for solar plexus chakra, green for your heart chakra, pale blue for throat chakra, deep blue for third eye chakra and violet for crown chakra. Then, he will surround this lovely rainbow sent into your body with white diamond light and, if you inhale all these lights, you will feel vital energy, balance and harmony.

If you have dreams you can't explain or you don't remember and you feel them as being important, ask Archangel Raziel to help you in decoding them. Anyway, even if you don't remember your dreams, it doesn't mean you lost them. They will stay at subconscious level and will be activated at the right time.

Raziel has always helped me to determine the cause of my clients' seeming problems. He explained me those causes and helped me understand the connections between the effects of the past over our present. His messages are very clear; when you finish your work with Raziel, you have no remaining missing points. Raziel is guiding me on my knowledge achievement, giving me access to information and to the understanding process. Most of his messages focus on:" Ask for my help when you don't understand". He is a patient teacher, a wise Master to whom you can run to, any time when you get stuck in something, because he will offer you clear ideas on the right order and at an accessible needed level. He is just waiting for with a smile on his face, ready to listen and to guide you to move forward.

Teacher Raziel, I want to thank you for the access to the wisdom that you offered me, for the way you adjust the information complexity to my accessible understanding level and for the support you give me while helping others. Namaste.