15 Archangels

The Archangels represent a special category. There are many archangels, not only 15, but I work with these ones, therefore I could share more about them.

When I felt the need for a spiritual development I was highly interested in angels and I found more and more information about these lovely creations of God. I will summarize some information about each of the 15 archangels and I will add some of my personal experiences I had with my winged friends.

The Archangels helped me to get closer to God, to solve personal issues from the past or from my present life. I want to introduce these Archangels as they are: my friends, not through icon representations or through prayers as you may know some of them already. The visual representations added to each introduction are those that I found closer to my perceptions.

I will use this opportunity to thank to all these amazing divinely gifted art workers which pictured these wonderful archangels in an accessible way to the human kind. And I want to thank Mr. Corey Wolfe, Mr. Marius-Michael George, Mr. Bruce Harman and to Mss. Eva Sullivan, for allowing me to use their artworks on this website, in order to bring you more personal touch of these divine friends.

If someone asked me which Archangel I prefer, I would have no answer. I love all of them. They are my friends and wherever I go, I have them with me. They always intervene when I ask for help, and they do that in a miraculous way. Working with them on a daily basis, I started to know their personality, because each of them has a specific style to make their presence known. If I did not have the claircognizance which helps me to know which of them is near me, I would still recognize them by their communication style. Anyway, they always introduce themselves in one way or another.

Some of them have a subtle manifestation, others a more powerful one. Some are talkative, others more quiet, but this does not mean they don't help you - they are always near you, when you need them. Some are sober, others joyful - I will share with you some of my experiences I had with each of them.

But no matter how close I feel them, I never forget that they are some extremely powerful Beings of Light. I love them, I respect them and I want to thank them for helping me in what I have to do in this life. I work with them every day and I can testify that they are just wonderful.

The Archangels don't have gender but they have or manifest masculine or feminine energy according to the purpose for which they have been created by God. They may appear as humans, as light, usually colored, as angels but larger than the normal ones. They can take even forms of tools, when necessary - yes, they are very creative, surprising and close to people.

The Archangels have a lot of tasks to accomplish, above interacting to mankind but you never bother them with your demands, because they can be in many places in the same time, solving specific issues for each and everybody. In their kingdom there are no limits for time or space. Only our human mind limited to space and time makes us believe that they would be distracted from their duties if we call them; as they would be able to do only one task at a time.

All I write about them, I also practiced with them. All people interacting with them came back and shared with me some wonderful experiences they had. Remember some of the archangels are very subtle, while others manifest their work in a very powerful and miraculous way.

If you feel attracted to work with them, you have to know that you are always prepared to do it. When our soul is ready to assimilate and start an evolving transformation, then opportunities will start appearing. Or there is a saying for this: "when you need to learn, then you will find the teacher".

I also invite you to read about each of these 15 Archangels and, also, the topic "divine communication" on this site, in which you will find basic rules to follow when you call for help to God or any other divine entity, including the angels or archangels. This will lead you to an optimized dialog and help you to avoid failure because you "don't know how to do that".