Metatron means "the one who serves behind the Throne" or "the one who occupies the throne next to the Throne of Glory".

Archangel Metatron is one of two archangels who were initially men. He was the Patriarch Enoch, who lived as an angel on Earth. The great grandfather of Noah was raised to Heaven while alive, with body and soul, and transformed by God into the Archangel Metatron. When we talk about Enoch, we think of the ancient sacred Judaic writings. During his earthly life, Enoch was taken to Heaven and there he had the revelation of the divine kingdoms, angelic choirs and the mysteries of the Universe. After that, he was sent back to Earth to write down everything he saw and, after a short time, he was raised for good and in body, near God and transformed as I said, in Archangel Metatron. There are ancient Jewish religious books written by Enoch and I could mention here "The Book of Enoch" in which you may read about his revelations during his ascending to Heaven.

In the Jewish religion, Metatron is considered to be one of the main Archangels staying in permanence near the Father. Even more, he is called Prince Metatron, being the First Sephirah in the Tree of Life and representing the Crown - Kether - the Will of the Father. Before getting in contact with this information, Metatron told me he is not the Patriarch Enoch anymore, but Metatron. Actually he brought into my attention to call him "Prince Metatron", with no other additional explanation. I followed his request and in a short time I discovered under divine guidance that he is called Prince Metatron indeed. So if you are a light worker and you work with "Enoch", I hope this information is helpful to you. Even Archangel Raziel is calling him "Prince Metatron" in the book he left to mankind called "The Book of Archangel Raziel".

Prince Metatron is an entity extremely powerful and complex. I managed to find a few things about his specialties, but I am very sure that during my following researches or contacts with him I will find about other tasks he received from God.

His energy is masculine and he is highly involved in deep esoteric knowledge, and from this point of view I might say that he is very technical. Prince Metatron helps you with clearing energy work as clearing your chakras, or removing any sort of blockages. He is using a complex energetic form comprising different geometric forms, called "Metatron's Cube" or "Flower of Life", producing an electronic, rather metallic sound, swirling clock wise, with which he goes inside your body and surrounds your body, simultaneously, as it goes downward in spiral, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and clears your chakras.

Prince Metatron is helping also in nurturing and educating the sensitive children, and here I refer to indigo, crystal or rainbow children. These wonderful beings are coming on Earth with a higher vibration comparing to the mankind average level and the role of Prince Metatron is to help them to accommodate to lower vibrations. If you are a parent of such wonderful children, you can call Prince Metatron to help you and he will be instantly there. Even these special children or young people can call Prince Metatron directly and from that moment they will want to have Him around all the time.

In the Angelic Choirs, Prince Metatron is still known as the "Great Scribe of God" having as task to transmit esoteric mysteries of the Universe to the mankind.

If you are a clairvoyant you may see Prince Metatron as a mixed color of violet which is a reddish purple and an aqua green. His energy is powerful, mostly sensed on the superior half of your body, giving you a pressure sensation around your head. His vibration is high and the sound you may hear is quite "metallic". You can call him, pronouncing repeatedly his name: Metatron, Metatron.

I have experienced many contacts with Prince Metatron because he is one of my leading guides and I can say that his Presence is powerful. When he interferes through guidance, you understand very clear his message, and the impulse of acting on a specific direction is extremely powerful. His messages are short and to the topic. His interventions are well shaped and the information he transmits is decisive for that specific moment.

Thank you, Prince Metatron for guiding me since the beginning and for all information you allowed me to access in order to advance on my spiritual path!